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Are HSP and Redcat the same? (+ My Best Redcat Cars)

While you are researching RC cars you may have come across Redcat Racing (Click here for my best choice, on Amazon) and HSP. But, are they the same thing or are completely different?

Are HSP and Redcat the same?

HSP and Redcat Racing are linked. HSP is the original manufacturer for Redcat Racing and the later is effectively a subsidiary brand of HSP Racing. This is why they seem to be very similar, have the same lineups, and, apart from the packaging, appear to be similar.

My Best 3 Redcat Racing Cars

Description Image My Rating
01. Redcat Volcano Truck (My Best Choice)
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5 stars
02. Redcat Blackout XTE 1/10 Scale
Click here for the price on Amazon
03. Redcat Shredder XTE 1/6 Scale
Click here for the price on Amazon
4 stars

So, now you know HSP and Redcat racing are linked. But, what exactly is Redcat Racing and HSP? Are the Redcat racing cars waterproof? What is the ideal beginner HSP Racing car? Keep reading for these answers, and much more.


What is Redcat Racing?

You may be interested to know some background about Redcat. To understand what they are and what they offer, at a high level.

Redcat Racing is an RC car brand. They specialize in affordable “Ready to Run” (RTR) cars. They offer various sizes and scales. For example, anything from 1/24 up to 1/5 scale.

So, now you know, at a high level, who Redcat Racing is and what sort of range of cars they offer.

How fast does the Redcat Blackout XTE go?

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If you have heard of the Redcat Racing Blackout XTE (Click here to see it, on Amazon) you may be wondering what sort of speed you can get out of this vehicle.

The Redcat Racing Blackout XTE can achieve speeds up to 35 miles per hour. However, this is based on a nice even surface. For example, a level pavement without potholes. This is known to be achieved using 2s LiPO batteries.

This video below shows you an example of this speed:

Are Redcat RC cars waterproof?

If you plan on bashing your RC car (Click here for my best bashers) ad taking it through puddles or mud you may be curious to see if it is waterproof, right?

Some Redcat Racing cars are waterproof. For example, the blackout SC 1/10 scale (Click here for the price on Amazon) has a 40 amp brush ESC which is waterproof. Also, it has a waterproof high torque steering servo. Another option is the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX truck (Click here for the price on Amazon) is known to have similar waterproof parts.

So, now you know some Redcat Racing cars that are known to be waterproof.

Does any Redcat car have Tunable suspension?

If you are interested in adjusting your suspension or the height, from the ground, you may be interested to know if any of the Redcat Racing range has this feature, right?

Some of the RedCat racing cars do have tunable suspension. For example, the Redcat Racing Volcano (Click here for the price on Amazon). this vehicle has Tunable suspension and ride height adjustment to allow you to adjust it to meet your requirements.

Adjusting the ride height is useful if you want to handle rough terrain.

Can you use Redcat Cars for bashing?

If you are interested in racing your car but more so bashing it. Then, you might be interested to know if any of the RedCat Racing cars can handle this before you commit to it.

Some RedCat racing cars are great for bashing for example the Redcat Racing Blackout XTE (Click here for the price on Amazon). In fact, it was designed with drivers that love bashing. Meaning drivers who like to race without any regulated rules. Basically, throwing your car around the track having fun without the red tape or bureaucracy of racing.

So, now you know that some Redcat Racing cars are great for bashing.

What is the fastest stock RC car?

If you are interested in finding out what is the fastest RC car but you want to know which one is the fastest stock RC car keep breathing.

The Traxxas XO-1 (Click here to see the price on Amazon) at the time of writing is my fastest stock RC car. It can achieve 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds and go over a 100mph. It also has optional 3s LiPO batteries to give you more voltage and speed.

This is a tremendous amount of speed for an RC vehicle. But, this type of speed requires some experience of driving. It is more targeted to an intermediate or Advanced Driver rather than a beginner.

What is a stock RC Car?

Earlier I mentioned the fastest stock RC car. But if you have not heard of the word “stock” before and wondered what I meant, let me explain this.

Stock RC cars are cars that have not had any modification. This is the standard specification that you get out of the box without any tampering. This is a good reference to use to qualify any speeds that people claim they have got to see if it has been modified.

It allows you to gauge if the driver has made modifications to improve their performance or not. This term, “stock”, is used in the cell phone industry as well. For example, if you had a “stock Android” software. This would mean the standard Android software build without any launches on it.

What is HSP Racing?

So you’ve heard a lot about Redcat Racing (Click here to see if they are the same as Exceed) now and maybe you are wondering what is HSP racing, right?

HSP Racing is a Global RC brand (Click here to see if the ECX brand is any good) and manufacturer. They sell cars in over 30 countries worldwide and are known to be the parent brand to Redcat Racing.

So, now you know what HSP Racing is and how they are related to Redcat Racing.

What is a good beginner HSP car?

If you are looking for an HSP car you may be looking for a good entry-level car (Click here for the price on Amazon) to get started with, right?

This HSP car (Click here to see it, on Amazon) is a good beginner HSP car. It’s a great starting RC car kit. One of the benefits of this car is that is ready to run (RTR). Meaning that you can get up and running straight out the box. Also, it is a drift car. Meaning, you can throw it through corners at speed and it’s great on flat surfaces.

So, now you know a good example of a beginner HSP car.

Do any HSP cars have fiberglass disc brakes?

If you are interested in an HSP car with a good braking system (Click here to see the price on Amazon) you may be wondering if any exist.

This HSP car has fiberglass disc brakes (Click here to see it, on Amazon). So this is a good example of a car with these kinds of brakes. These fiberglass disc brakes are great for stopping. In fact, they have great stopping power. And also, on average, they tend to last a bit longer than the steel disc brakes.

So, now you know that some HSP cars have fiberglass disc brakes and some of the benefits of these over steel.

Can any HSP achieve over 50km/h speed?

If you are interested in speed (click here to see this fast one, on Amazon) and this is one of your biggest motivations in HSP Racing cars, then keep reading.

This HSP car (Click here to see it on Amazon) can gain speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. As well as anti-skid Wheels. Meaning, not only can you achieve some great speeds. But, it can grip the surface whether it’s off-road or on-roads.

So, now you know an HSP car that can achieve over 50 km/h speeds.