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Is ECX a good RC brand? (Guide/Tips/Speed/Bashing)

If you are researching RC cars then you may have come across the ECX brand but there is a good chance you may be wondering if it’s a good brand to get (Click here to see my best RC truck, on Amazon).

Is ECX a good RC brand?

The ECX brand is good. They offer an affordable range of RC vehicles. They are known for their durable parts that can last a long time. If you plan to bash your car or are a beginner with a limited budget, then this serves as a good choice.

My Best 3 ECX Alternatives

Description Image My Rating
01. Traxxas Stampede (My Best)
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5 stars
02. Traxxas Trail Crawler
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03. Traxxas Slash
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4 stars

So, now you know that ECX is a good brand for beginners. But, what exactly is ECX? Who owns it? What are their popular models? Keep reading for these answers and much more.

What is ECX?

You may be wondering exactly what ECX is and how it fits into the RC cars industry, right?

ECX is a brand of RC cars and trucks from Horizon Hobby. They offer a range of vehicles that appeal to RC car enthusiasts on a tight budget or beginners. The parts are not necessarily high-end so they appeal to beginners who want to get started without a high investment.

So, now you know what ECX is, who owns them, and their typical customer base.

What are some of the popular ECX Cars?

While you are researching ECX you may be wondering what are some of their popular vehicles so you can get an idea if it’s something that will meet your needs, right?

There are three popular ECX vehicles that you may come across. The Torment, Ruckus, and Amp. Each of these vehicles is different types of trucks that appeal to off-road as well as on-road usage.

So, now you know a few of the popular vehicles the ECX brand offers.

Common ECX Torment questions


If the ECX torment has grabbed your interest you may have many questions in your mind, Here are some answers to a few of the common questions.

01. What rating is the ESC on the ECX Torment?

If you are interested in the speed control on the Torment, keep reading.

The ECX Torment has a 60 amp brushed ESC. This ESC (Electronic Speed Control) controls the motor speed. A brushed ESC will be paired with a brush motor. Brushless motors are known to be more energy efficient. But, for beginners, a brushed version will be fine to get started.

So, now you know what rating the ESC is on the Torment.

02. Does the ECX Torment use LiPo or a NiMH Battery?

If you are keen to understand what battery the Torment has before you commit you are probably wondering if you can use a LiPo or a NiMH battery, right?

The ECX torment can use a LiPo or NIMH battery. If you go for the LiPo battery (Click here to see the price, on Amazon) then you will need a 2S (two-cell). A LiPo battery will provide more voltage power and speed. However, you may pay slightly more for it.

It is also worth noting that this vehicle does not come with a battery included so this would need to be purchased alongside the vehicle itself. Which is quite standard for most RC car packs.

03. Is the ECX Torment RTR?

If you do not want the hassle of having to put the truck together you may be wondering if it is an RTR.

The ECX torment is RTR meaning it’s “Ready to Run”. Therefore you can use this right out of the box, obviously after you have attached the battery that you have purchased separately, as discussed earlier.

So, now you know. The ECX torment is ready to run and the benefits of having this.

Common ECX Ruckus questions

If the Ruckus has taken your fancy keep reading to get some answers to some answers to common questions for this model.

01. What frequency does the ECX Rukus radio run on?

If you are interested in the radio frequency then keep reading.

The ECX Ruckus uses a 2.4 gigahertz frequency. This is quite a common frequency RC cars. It means it has the ability to control many cars on this frequency. However, even though it has this ability, once your individual truck is paired with the controller no other controller can control your vehicle.

So, now you know what frequency the Ruckus radio system runs on.

02. Is the ECX Ruckus 2WD or 4WD?

If you are keen on the drivetrain of your truck you are likely to be interested to know if the Ruckus is 2WD (two-wheel drive) or 4WD, right?

The Ruckus comes with a 2WD drivetrain. In general, 4WD vehicles offer better performance. This is mainly because they have better control and power. However, for a beginner, 2WD is more than enough and more than capable to deal with off-road terrain.

So, now you know. The Ruckus has a 2WD drivetrain and why 4WD is often sort after.

03. Does the Ruckus shock absorbers have oil pre-filled?

If you are an off-road fan, you may be interested in what type of shock absorbers come with the Ruckus. In particular, are they pre-filled and are they adjustable?

The ECX Ruckus shock absorbers have oil pre-filled and are also adjustable. The latter means that you can adjust the ride height which is advantageous for off-road terrain. This allows you to improve your performance by adjusting it.

So, now you know more about the shock absorbers on the Ruckus and the benefits of the adjustable shocks it comes with.

Common ECX Amp questions

If you are a fan of the ECX Amp but, looking for a bit more information before you commit, then keep reading.

01. Is the ECX Amp beginner friendly?

If you are new to driving RC cars or trucks you may be wondering if the Amp is beginner-friendly, right? Or, is it more targeted towards the pros?

The ECX amp is beginner-friendly. This is because it can take some good knocks and remain durable. For beginners this is ideal. The chances are you will crash more than intermediates or professionals. So, having a vehicle that can take some rough and tumble is good.  Therefore, it’s likely to last longer and provide more value.

So, now you know that the Amp is beginner-friendly.

02. Is the ECX Amp 2WD or 4WD?

If you are interested in the drivetrain of the ECX Amp, in particular, is it 2WD or 4WD, keep reading.

The ECX Amp is 2WD, like the Ruckus. As mentioned before the two-wheel drive is great for beginners. It does the job of off-road running competently. However, four-wheel-drive trucks are known to have better performance.

So, now you know what drivetrain the Amp has and if this is adequate for off-road usage.

03. Is the Amp waterproof?

If you plan to take your vehicle off-road. Meaning, through some rough terrain, then you may be keen to know if it is waterproof, right?

The ECX amp is waterproof. In particular, it comes with waterproof electronics. This means that you can go through puddles, mud, or even snow without the worry of the electronics getting waterlogged and becoming malfunctioned.

So, now you know that the ECX Amp is waterproof.