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RC Car Keeps Losing Signal (Now What? + Prevention)

If you have noticed that your RC car is losing signal, you may instantly wonder if you need a new transmitter (Click here for my best one, on Amazon), but is there anything else?

Why is my RC Car losing signal?

 Your RC car is losing signal for several possible reasons, this includes it using the wrong frequency, batteries have run out, the transmitter, or receiver, needs replacing, or something as simple as the antennae not being correctly extended.

What you will need for signal problems

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03. Redcat Racing Fail Safe (Prevention of damage)
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So, now you know why your car may have lost signal. What is the best way to solve this problem? How can a fail-safe help you? What does MHz mean? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.

How can a fail-safe prevent an expensive accident?

A failsafe (Click here to check its availability, on Amazon) is designed to prevent your car from getting damaged. For example, if you lose signal during a race or your batteries run out the failsafe will kick in to keep your car safe and avoid it crashing into a wall or obstruction.

The failsafe sits between your car’s receiver and the servo and, depending on how it’s configured, will fully cause the vehicle to break or partial braking to avoid a crash. So, now you know how a failsafe mechanism can prevent an expensive accident happening.

However, it’s important to note that on most modern electric cars, that have an up to date ESC, this will not be required. Because they already have a mechanism that does pretty much the same thing. But, for a nitro vehicle, this is often a good purchase.

What is the best way to fix your signal problem?

Firstly, to fix your signal problem, check the obvious options first. Such as, checking that the transmitter is on, all the batteries are working, etc. If the batteries are low, simply replace them and test them.

If you have tried all these obvious things and it’s still not working then it may be worth replacing the transmitter (Click here to see a replacement, on Amazon) (or receiver). Also, consider getting a failsafe (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon), in case you have a similar problem again.

Once you have had a look at some of the obvious problems with your signal you may have been wondering what you can do. So, now you know some steps that you can take a fix your problem.

What does MHz on RC cars mean?

MHz on an RC car is the measurement of its frequency signal used to communicate from the transmitter to the receiver which is within your vehicle. These frequency signals are sent and received, from the transmitter to the receiver, and are measured in MHz.

If you are new to RC cars and have heard people talk about MHz you may have been confused wondering exactly what they’re talking about. So, now you have an idea of exactly what they mean if you hear this arise again.

Can I use a different remote for my RC car?

You can use a different remote for your RC car (Click here to check the availability, on Amazon) you just need to make sure that you use the same frequency as you had before. Also, you will need to pair it up with your vehicle once you have purchased it.

If you were having problems with your transmitter and you were troubleshooting the issue there is a good chance you may need to replace the transmitter, and you may have wondered if this is possible. So, now you know it is, and what you need to do to choose the right one.

Can 2 remote control cars have the same frequency?

Two remote cars can have the same frequency. This can cause issues with interference, which is commonly known as “crosstalk”. However, some cars allow you to change the band to help eradicate this problem.

If you have more than one car in your household or a friend with the same car, you may have wondered if you may have the same frequency. So, now you know it is possible, and some of the potential workarounds to get around this.

What frequency options are there for RC cars?

RC car frequencies are typically 27 or 49 MHz. These are common for both toy and hobby grade RC cars. This is because they have been designated by the Federal Communications Commission, also known as the FCC.

However, it is worth noting that there are some exceptions to this rule. But, these are usually professional model vehicles that use a slightly different frequency range. But, they are very uncommon and most beginners are unlikely to use these.

What is better 49 MHz or 27 MHz?

There is no technical difference between a 27 and 49 MHz frequency. Neither one has a performance advantage. They are there to help avoid transmission issues, such as interference between you and your opponent that you are racing.

So, if you have the same car as your friend, you could be using a 27 MHz while she is using a 49 MHz frequency to avoid any crosstalk or other frequency related issues.

Why does my remote control car move on its own?

Remote control cars may move on their own because someone, in the vicinity, maybe on the same frequency. Alternatively, it could be some other local interference causing this problem.

If you had noticed that your vehicle was moving on its own, or acting erratically, you may have been scratching your head to work out why this happened, right? So, now, hopefully, you’ll understand the reasons why this may be happening.

Why should you consider changing your channel or frequency?

It’s a good idea to change your channel or frequency to avoid interference. Especially when you’re racing a friend with a similar, or the same car. However, it is worth understanding that some cars do not have this option. But, if it does it’s worth doing.

If you have a friend with the same vehicle as you, you may have wondered if there are ways to avoid any interference. So, now you know the benefits of changing your channel or frequency.

What is an RC car transmitter band?

An RC car transmitter band is a channel within a frequency for example for 27 MHz there are 6 bands. Each one of these bands has a unique color code associated with it and a distinct frequency. For example, the brown channel is called channel one and has the 26.995 frequency. And, the red channel has the 27.045 frequency.

If you are new to racing RC cars you may have heard people talking about transmitter bands and wondered what are they talking about, right? So, now you should have a good idea of what they mean.

Can you replace your RC car antenna?

You can replace your RC car antenna. But, it’s important to check the compatibility before you go ahead and purchase one. And, make sure when you do, follow the instructions closely. And, attach it properly first, then once you’re done it’s important that you thoroughly test it.

Also, always make sure that the vehicle is turned off before you mess with any of the electrical components.

If you have had problems with your RC car antenna you may have wondered if it’s worth changing the antenna. So, now you know it’s possible to change it and some of the precautions you need to take into consideration before you go ahead and do this.