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7 Best RC Cars that are Fast and Cheap

Would you agree that the fastest RC car with amazing value is the best combination? Me too, thats why I am going to share with you the best ones I have found. I have selected these based on their speed, value and durability.

So, what is the fastest car with the best value? In my opinion, the best pick for someone who is looking for a fast and great value is the Metallic Red Racing EPX RC Drift Car (Click to see the reviews on Amazon), It is the fastest model featured in the guide and is also one of the most durable.

What Should You Look Out For Before You Buy?

I believe that before you can even buy anything, you need an understanding of what to look out for, for that reason I am going to help you with this, and explain some key things to consider before you buy.


You are here for speed, right? Therefore you need to look out for the best speed you can get for your money. For example, the Metallic Red Racing EPX RC Drift Car (Click to see the reviews on Amazon), can get up to 30 MPh. Bare in mind though, you do not want to sacrifice everything for speed. For example if it fast but won’t run for a long time, due to poor battery life, it is no good, are you with me? So just bare that mind.

Power Source

The power source is important. You need to know if it is electric (click for troubleshooting electric cars) or Nitro based. If it is electric, which most of the ones I have shared today are, you need to consider two things. How long will the batteries last? and does it come with rechargeable batteries or not?


Durability is important to make sure that you get some good use out of the car. As I said earlier, it is not worth having the fastest car unless you have the full package. This mainly comes down to the build quality.


Some of these cars come with options to customise the look and feel of the car. This is not an important feature for some people, but if this something you like, then it worth looking out for. For example the Distianert RC Truck (Click to see the reviews on Amazon) comes with the option of interchangeable body shells.


If you want to stay in control of your RC car over a long range, then you need to look out for the right car with good range. But what exactly do I mean?

Well, this is the distance from your controller, wheel or stick, to your car. If you go beyond the max range, your car will stop responding.

For example the Spesxfun High Speed Remote Control Car (Click to see the reviews on Amazon) has a long range of 196 feet.

Fastest RC Cars with Amazing Value

01. Metallic Red Racing EPX RC Drift Car


  • Ready to Run straight out of the box.
  • Fast, with top speeds of up to 30 MPh.
  • Elegant Red colour design


  • Battery will typically last 15-20 minutes, before needing charging.

The Metallic Red Racing EPX RC Drift Car (Click here to see the reviews on Amazon) is ideal if you’ve really got a need for speed and you’re just dipping your toes into RC cars, this pick is for you.

This RC car is ready to go as soon as you unpack it from its box, making it intuitively easy to use. The bright red coloring is also a plus, because you’ll be able to see it no matter where it is. It includes a brushed motor, which powers it to its top speed of 30 mph.

However, it will only last about 15-20 minutes before it will need to be recharged. Other inclusions for this car are oil-filled shocks and both a forward and reverse transmission.

Despite all of its perks, many people add upgrades to this RC model to get the most out of it. Common upgrades among users include swapping the brushed motor for a brushless motor and changing the style of tires.

02. Spesxfun High Speed Remote Control Car


  • Anti-Slip Tyres, to tackle all terains
  • Speeds up to 25 KM/h
  • Long lasting rechargeable batteries
  • Long range, can reach your car up to 196 feet away


  • Long to re-charge the batteries, up to 6 hours.

The Spesxfun High Speed Remote Control Car (Click to see the reviews on Amazon) is equipped with shock absorbers and anti-slip tires, this speedy buggy is designed to tackle any terrain it faces. This car can reach 15-25 km/h at top speeds with its front motor off-road power. It demonstrates a surprising speed and climbing ability.

It also features a unique design and solid chassis structure. On the exterior, the car has an independent frame and simulated cockpit. The car’s chassis is where its drive train and driving, steering and braking system live. The chassis is supportive to the car and provides the engine with all the power it needs to move the car quickly and effectively.

The car comes with two rechargeable batteries that last long enough to give you up to 30 minutes of playing time. Despite the potentially lengthened play time, it takes much longer to charge these Ni-MH batteries than it does to charge the typical lithium ion batteries other models use.

You can expect that these batteries will take 3-6 hours to charge. The controller can reach your car from up to 196 feet away, and features all of the basic controller functions. If you’re looking for a solid car that’s affordable, you should definitely consider this one.


03. Distianert Electric RC Car


  • Strong rugged frame.
  • Ready to go, straight out of the box.
  • USB charger included


  • Won’t go as fast on non-smooth surfaces.
  • Up to 15 mins battery life.

The Distianert Electric RC Car (Click to see the reviews on Amazon) buggy style RC car has a rugged frame, stylish canopy and a sleek spoiler at the back. It’s a pretty small model, but it is a mighty car.

This model is equipped with a powerful brushed motor that propels it to fast speeds on smooth surfaces. The model is able to travel on non-smooth surfaces, like grass or gravel, but it isn’t able to do so at a quick pace.

If you’re racing it though, chances are you’ll be on smooth ground to begin with. The model also has a pretty decent battery life given the motor’s power. You’ll need to plan on charging the model every 15 minutes, but if you’re maxing out the speed, you may need to charge more frequently.

The model car’s controller is pretty basic, and is designed in the pistol style grip that’s traditional among RC cars. It provides all the basic controls you’d need to have a good time, but doesn’t include anything particularly flashy. So, if you’re looking for something that’s for an expert RC collector, you may want to keep looking. Despite that, it’s a good choice for a good price.


04. Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme


  • Lightweight, for easy use.
  • Ideal for kids and beginners
  • Great suspension for all terrains
  • Battery powered, so no need to keep re-charging


  • Battery life is pretty short

The Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme (Click to see the reviews on Amazon) is a great pick for kids and novice RC users. It is great at handling off-road trails, rough terrain and driveways alike thanks to its three motors, large tires, full suspension and four-wheel drive train.

The suspension frame makes it possible for this model to handle whatever comes its way, even if that means it will endure some crashing or rolling. What’s great about this model is its intuitive joystick that will fit perfectly in anyone’s hands.

There are separate triggers for moving the RC model forward or reverse, and also for changing direction. With this model, you don’t have to worry about a constant need for recharging, as it’s powered by six AA batteries.

This model is relatively fast, but it’s not blazing fast, so don’t expect it to win any races. Still, it’s a great pick for someone who’s looking for relative speed and reliability.

05. LaFerrari RC Sports Racing Car


  • Quite Fast, with speeds of up to 10 KMPh.
  • Ferrari licensed replica.
  • Gorgeous Ferrari red colour.


  • Won’t work on a carpet surface.

The LaFerrari RC Sports Racing Car (Click to see the reviews on Amazon) One of the ultimate real-life sports cars is a Ferrari, so this model car is an homage to one of the greats, at a fraction of the price.

Although this model isn’t the best on uneven surfaces and is a bit lagging in the power department, it packs a punch in speed and looks.

If you’re more than a novice or shopping for someone who knows a lot about speedy RC cars, you will probably want to look beyond this model. It’s not that fastest in the bunch, and it’s on the small side. Despite this, it’s fully functional in all directions, is durable and is very affordable.


06. Velocity Toys RTR GT3 Racer Supercar


  • Top speeds up to 15 MPh.
  • Ready to go, right from the box (RTR).
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • Not designed for off-road use.

This Velocity Toys RTR GT3 Racer Supercar (Click to see the reviews on Amazon) is an iconic racecar can reach top speeds of 15 mph, which is middle-of-the-road speed in comparison to other cars in this category.

A huge perk of this car is that it’s ready to run right when you get it from the box. The car requires a 6.4 lithium ion battery to run, which is included in the box. The controller requires a 9v battery to run, which is also included.

You can expect to get about 20 minutes of play time with the car before it needs to be recharged. Unlike other cars in this category, it takes only about 30 minutes to an hour for this model to recharge. The model is made out of very durable material, and you can expect it will last a long time provided that you take good care of it.

It doesn’t have 4WD, so you should try to keep it on smooth surfaces if you don’t want it to get stuck. Despite that, this car is designed for racing and its appearance communicates that. It takes on the persona of any car you’d find in a racing movie, which many people will love.

The car has decent suspension for its model type, but if you’re looking for something that can go off-road without losing speed, you should explore buggy models. Despite that, this car gets the job done.


07. Distianert RC Truck


  • Powerful, can speed over grass and sand while maintaining speed.
  • Auto-Stop Feature, stops the car if the engine is over heating
  • Cool interchangeable, colourful body shells


  • Long battery recharge time, up to 2 hours.

This Distianert RC Truck (Click to see the reviews on Amazon) features a smooth-shock mitigating system and 4WD drive train that enables it to power over gravel roads, grass and sand without slowing down.

A brushed 390 motor makes it possible for this small car to speed by other cars at a topped out speed of 45 km/h. This car also features environmentally friendly big rubber tires that assist in absorbing shock, minimizing slipping and propelling the vehicle on smooth and non-smooth surfaces alike.

This model is powered by a 7.4V lithium ion battery, which provides up to 25 minutes of playing time. When your car runs out of battery, you’ll need to give it up to 2 hours for it to recharge fully. Despite the lengthy recharge time, this vehicle is a great pick for someone who plans on racing their car on uneven or rough terrain.

The manufacturers of this car have put great thought into designing this car so that it can withstand any obstacle it faces. The controller offers basic forward, reverse and turning controls. One very unique feature about this car is that it automatically stops when the motor is in danger of overheating, protecting your car from a dangerous condition.

It also comes with interchangeable shells, meaning you’re free to change them out with your mood. This isn’t the most cost-effective option on the list by price, but for everything you’re getting for your money, it’s a pretty good option.

Related Questions:

What is the average controller range for RC models? Many RC cars can be controlled for up to 75 feet away. This is especially true with this price point. If you want your car to be able to be controlled from farther away, you can modify your model.

Are cheaper models more easily broken? Yes and no. Typically, cheaper models are created from cheaper grade materials. Despite this, all the models included above will withstand normal wear and tear. They will not, however, withstand long falls or very rough play.

What is the average recharge time for car batteries? While it greatly depends on the type of battery in each car, you can expect that cars in this range will require around 2 hours to recharge fully. Some take longer, so be sure to read the product details carefully before purchasing.

Are RTR Cars Better for Beginners? Yes, Ready to Run (RTR) cars are easy and faster to get up and running. They are not necessarily the fastest or best value though, it is merely for their simplicity. This is what makes them so popular.

Is Nitro or Electric Cars best for beginners? In my opinion, when thinking about nitro vs electric, an electric car is better for beginners. Again, this comes down to simplicity. Nitro cars offer a great realistic experience, but you need a bit more experience to use them effectively.