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Can You Bring an RC Car on a Plane?

Thinking about what to carry on the plane is one thing, but adding an RC car to the mix is another story. That’s why I wrote this article highlighting all the essential considerations for carrying an RC car on a plane.

Can You Bring an RC Car on a Plane? Yes, undeniably you can bring an RC car on the plane. However, you have to make sure that the fuel tank of your remote-control car is empty and there is no battery in its transmitter. 

One of the most important things is that you have to make sure that your RC car is properly wrapped because without proper protection you will face dissimilar damages.

You can also go for different car bags in which you can carry chargers and batteries. The best way to carry your remote-control car is, to pack it in the original case.

This will ensure safety and it will also keep your car sparkling clean. Make sure that you pack all the components of the RC car separately, so you won’t face any trouble while the security check-in.

Overall, in this article, all your questions will be answered very effectively.

Can you bring the car batteries on the plane?

Car batteries are strictly prohibited car batteries in both carry-on and checked baggage. FAA hazmat regulation has a certain set of rules by which you cannot travel with car batteries.

What is the best way to pack your RC Car for plane travel?

Remote control cars are a bit expensive therefore you have to pack them well so, they remain scratch and damage-free.

When you are traveling long distances, you have to ensure that your remote car is unscathed. Here are a few important tips that will help you in moving and packing your car.

Make sure you remove all the batteries from the car. You have to pack them separately to prevent them from fire and acid leakage. You must place all your batteries in a fireproof bag that is specially designed for storing these Lipo remote car batteries. Make sure that you don’t keep these RC car batteries directly in the sunlight.

The chassis element of your RC car is prone to crush damage. You should use reinforced boxes to prevent damage. Use large boxes to avoid the stacking of vehicles and bodies from each other. You have to also make sure that; you keep the chassis and body in original boxes before you pack them.

The remote or transmitter is an essential part of your RC car. The calibration of your remote can be easily disturbed if it is not tight-packed. To protect the complete setting, you have to pack your remote separately from the chassis and body.

Place your remote in the bottom of the reinforced box and wrap it with crumpled packing paper. This paper will protect your remote knobs from getting in contact with other items.

Can you bring a Nitro RC Car on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your Nitro RC car on a plane but make sure it has no fuel and no battery. Also, make sure that all the tools from your vehicle are to be placed in regular baggage.

Before you bring it you have to pack the chassis and body differently, this will prevent your car from getting damaged.

Do not pack your RC car in luggage as it has to go through different security checkpoints

Is it a good idea to ship your batteries separately to meet you at your destination?

It is one of the best ideas; by shipping your batteries separately you can be free from the hassle type of the journey. When you are shipping your batteries, then you have to include Material Safety Data Sheet, this sheet will give all the information about the package and it will also help in handling the package.

You can use different shipping options that are specializing in delivering sensitive equipment. They work under the guideline by which they ensure the safe delivery of packages.

Are Lipo batteries allowed on a plane?

Yes, you can travel with Lipo batteries on a plane. You must carry your Lipo batteries with you in a carry-on bag, these batteries cannot be placed in the luggage.

There is a limited amount of quantity which you can carry with you. There are three classes of Lipo batteries, below 100Wh in which there is no restriction. Between 100Wh and 160Wh you can only carry two battery packs of total passenger. Above 160Wh you are not allowed to carry the battery packs.

Before traveling make sure you have a new pair of Lipo batteries with you and discharge the battery level up to 40-50%.

What is a Lipo RC battery? 

Lipo battery is known as Lithium Polymer batteries. These are the latest type of battery which is being used in several electronic devices. These batteries are lightweight and they can be made in different shapes and sizes.

They have a high capacity by which they can hold much power for a longer period. For Lipo battery, there are three main ratings of which you have to be aware. Voltage, cell count, and discharge rating.

The capacity of the Lipo RC battery is measured by the capacity of power holding. If you are having a higher capacity, then you can run the battery for a longer period.

These are the rechargeable type of batteries that have taken the remote car driving experience to the next level. These batteries are the combination of a series of parallel, by which they can deliver a huge amount of power.

These batteries have a life of two-three years and they are highly sensitive to high temperatures. These batteries tend to explode if they are exposed to heat. These batteries should be charged only by using only Lipo chargers.

What is RC Car “Bashing”?

Bashing is a race without rules and regulations. You have to drive and test the limit of your RC car. In Bashing you make high jumps without worrying about the landing.

Bashing is done on different terrains like mud and small potholes. The RC car bashing can be done in natural as well as man-made terrain.

You can also create the bashing terrain in the backyard of your lawn with small creative ideas. You can use different leftover bricks to create courses. The RC car bashing can be done alone or with different groups of cars.

The RC car bashing can be done in the local park, quarry, playground, and construction sites.

RC car bashing can be very expensive for you. The RC cars and their different tools and equipment are expensive and they have a high cost of maintenance.

What is the best way to pack for taking your car “Bashing”?

When you are planning for a car bashing trip, it is very important to pack the right equipment with you so you don’t miss the fun.

Carry a car tote bag

Sometimes you might have to walk from your car to the destination. If you want to make things easy for you, then you should carry a bag with a shoulder strap. It doesn’t matter how big your RC car is, you will get different carrying solutions.

Carry extra battery and fuel

While bashing you might face uncertain damage to your battery. If you want to prevent yourself from being at a dead stop at the track, then you should carry an extra pack of batteries with you. You should also carry multiple charged batteries and extra fuel.

Extra transmitter pack

Even if you are thinking your batteries have extra juice, then also you should carry extra transmitter batteries with you.

Carry extra pinion gears/Nitro T-Wrench

Bashing is all about jumping and doing stunts that’s why carrying extra pinion gear is a good option for you.

While making gear up and gear down for different terrains you may lose gear, bringing an extra pair of gears will give you an unforgettable bashing experience.

Nitro T-Wrench is the universal tool for wheel nuts, glow plugs, and for different parts in the chassis. This tool will help you in making quick repairs to your RC cars.

Body clips and a can of suppressed air

While bashing you might lose different body parts of your car. If you are carrying an extra pair of body parts, then you can enjoy bashing with no trouble.

Bashing is done in uncertain terrain which is full of dirt and debris. You can easily blast off your RC car tire. Carrying compressed air can is one of the best solutions to this problem.