Month: February 2019

RC Cars

What is the Fastest RC Truck for 2019?

If you are after the fastest RC Truck out there this year, let me save you some time, I have done the research for you. I have looked at a number of models, as well as speed, i have looked at the overall size, durability, waterproof rating and much more. What is the Fastest RC […]

RC Cars

How Does a Radio Controlled Car Work?

If you are wondering how Radio Controlled Cars really work, you are in the right place. As a newbie there is a lot to learn, let me break it down for you in this article. How does a radio-controlled car work? Radio controlled cars work by sending radio waves (electromagnetic frequencies) from the transmitter to […]

RC Cars

Building an RC Car? (Things You Need To Get Right)

Everyone needs a hobby, and racing (or just driving) RC cars can be a very fulfilling one. Sometimes, however, the pre-made cars just don’t have the right specs, and you wish you could custom-build your own vehicle. In spite of what you might think, this is an option for everyone. You can purchase an RC […]