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What is the Fastest RC Truck for 2019?

If you are after the fastest RC Truck out there this year, let me save you some time, I have done the research for you. I have looked at a number of models, as well as speed, i have looked at the overall size, durability, waterproof rating and much more.

What is the Fastest RC Truck for 2019? In my opinion the HOSIM off-road RC car is number one for 2019, simply because it has two motors, and not only that, it has the speed you need, the truck is a beast and reaches speeds up to 30 mph, which should anyones needs for a Truck.

To get a full picture of whats available, I have compared a number of different models. Therefore you can look at the speed ranges as well as make your own educated decision on the best truck for you.

In addition to this I have laid out some extra tips to help you when searching for an RC Truck. Before we delve into the comparisons let me explain a few common terms you will come across when you are looking at these models.

RC Truck Buyers Guide – Terms To Look Out For

Brushed vs. Brushless

These terms refer to the inner working of the car and how the motor receives its charge. In a brushed motor, friction is applied to the motor, which causes less raw power to be used in the rotation of the wheels.

In comparison, Brushless motors do not use friction. Their efficiency is between 10-15% higher than brushed since most of the energy is used in the rotation rather than the noise and heat. If you want a faster car, go for a brushless car!

LiPo vs NiMH

These strange letters (they’re really the chemical compound) refer to the batteries used in the RC car. LiPo stands for Lithium Polymer. In general, the LiPo potteries have a much greater energy density which results in a greater discharge rate.

In layman’s terms, LiPo makes your car go faster because of the overall increased power sent to the motor. In comparison, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydrate) batteries have a lower energy density but are easier to maintain.

If you’re just starting out, or you’re getting something for a friend who’s fairly new, go for a NiMH for now. Even though it’s slower, it will be easier for beginners and then you can move up to the LiPo.

Gear Ratio

For all our nuances out there who aren’t sure what this means, in the RC Car there are two gears- pinion and spur. Upgrading one or both will increase your top speed or your acceleration rate.

Looking at the gears individually, the pinion gear is located on the motor, typically made out of aluminum, steel, or titanium. The pinion gear impacts your top speed on the car and does so based on the number of teeth on the gear. More teeth equals a higher top speed rate.

If you want more speed, then you will need more teeth. For faster acceleration, you will need less teeth. Word of warning: work your way up to more teeth. Changing too many teeth too quickly could over heat the car and cause damage.

The spur gear works just like the pinion gear, impacting the speed and acceleration, through the difference won’t be as prominent as the pinion gear. It works opposite to the pinion gear. So:

  • More teeth on pinion gear, higher top speed.
  • Less teeth on Pinion Gear, faster acceleration
  • Bigger spur gear, faster acceleration.
  • Smaller spur gear, higher top speed.

Change both for the best results.

Reduce Weight

Some vehicles that we mentioned, such as the Distianert 1/12 4WD, carry extra weight. If you’re looking to increase the overall speed and aren’t as worried about the aesthetic of the car, get rid of as much extra weight as you can. The Distianert has the disadvantage in this regard.


RC Truck Speed and Feature Comparison:

HOSIM 9125 Off-road RC Car Electronic Monster Truck

If you’re looking for a bigger car, or more, of a monster truck style car, in addition to your speed, the HOSIM Off-Road RC Car, Electronic Monster Truck 9125 (try saying that five times fast) is an excellent option!

Because it has two motors, the truck reaches speeds of 30 mph! In addition, it is equipped with an IPX4 Waterproof level, which is a fancy way of saying getting a little water on it won’t destroy the truck.

This truck is optimized for off-road racing on a wide range of surfaces, such as wet mud or Astro turf. The only major downside is you can’t check the battery level and have to go on a whim. Still worth it when you consider the advantages!

Distianert 1/12 4WD

Similar in style to the HOSIM Off-road RC Car, the truck reaches speeds of 30 mph. It has several advantages that the HOSIM doesn’t, such as heavy duty wheels, strong turbines to help with stability, amazing controls!

With these advantages, the truck allows any hobbyist or anyone looking for a good gift to have speed and durability. Be mindful of the metal frame, though with the plastic over it, there is potential to lose the outer part of the truck as a whole. The car can drive through rough terrain better than most toy grade trucks, especially with the 4 x 4 traction.


Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler

Don’t be fooled by the flashy exterior, the Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler  has one of the most powerful charge retentions and speeds up to 35 mph!

If you can forgive the easily broken cosmetic parts, the car offers distinct advantages. You can replace these parts with more sturdy upgrades.

The car’s amazing off-roading driving comes from the S-Truck suspension. Plus the car is waterproof, similar to the HOSIM, which allows the drivers to use it through water, mud, snow, etc.

Maisto Rock Crawler

You shouldn’t go further if you are looking for  RC car which is very durable and enough sturdy that you wouldn’t be afraid to share it with your friends and the best thing about it comes with more affordable price than others.

It has some exceptional qualities. As it names after its distinctive feature it can run on rocks with ease as it has enormous rugged deep tread off road tires. Built in two heavy motors and 4 wheel drive really helps it to boost the speed up and  make it stand 4th in the list of fastest RC cars.


Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 SPORT

Are you just a beginner starting with RC car racing? Then you must get this one. It’s a nice looking and durable car with a decent body design having same features similar as road crawler, but has a bigger body and more powerful engine.

Unlike road crawler, it’s better good in off road driving, totally waterproof and has 9 deadlock tires. Moreover, it carries 3 millimeter steel ladder frame that’s powder coated to prevent scratches. Its licensed ‘super swamper’ tires with extra traction make it drivable in precipitous paths.

Impressively ,it has some of its sensitive body parts metallic that other expensive crawlers have but it comes with those with a comparatively very less price. Its metallic parts allow it to be smooth while going at high speed and keep it safe in bumpy trips.

Traxxas trs4 Sport 

Traxxas trs4 Sport stands next in the fastest RC car count. It is second up level for RC car racers, possesses way much more speed than all the crawlers. It’s upgraded one that comes in different series of cars.

So you really want to get into higher fast racing and willing to spend around more than $300 dollar, it’s the buddy for you. This model is versatile as it has lock dual driving speeds, you can easily switch in between.

One speed that matches the crawler speed and the other is much faster than that, it has a switch for that so you can switch in between whenever you want. Traxxas trs4 is coupled with an unparalleled surface-gripping trail tires and a lightweight body framework which is most suitable for crawling or adaptive climbing and an increased overall performance.

Traxxas Stampede

The Traxxas stampede model is one the best selling truck versions in the last 12 months. Why? Because it has remarkable performance, as it combines all major features of Traxxas cars  in it within an average price rate such as big gripping tires, waterproof within and out with water resistant 5xl battery and 27 mega receivers and powerful engine.

Though, it has not that much tremendous caliber as trs4 sport, it’s been more demanded perhaps it’s cheaper than trs4 sport. It is prevailing in US in not more $200 that might be higher for you as you think of other cheap crawler RC cars, but it’s a package of up level fun which gives you above average features and speed of 30mph which is higher than any crawler.

Traxxas Bigfoot

Do you want to get the classic one and something really big in size? Here it is! BIG FOOT as it is named after its enormous and sturdy design; it brings you a feeling of a monster truck with heavy vehicle driving feel.

It’s one earliest big model that Traxxas made in oppose to other monster truck of other brands. Even after its huge armature it doesn’t affect its speed not at all and it has an exceptional RC range to cover at least 80ft. It is built with a 3000mah battery and it’s really made for prolonged fun.

Hapinic 1:18 Off Road Crawler

If you’re a hobbyist that’s just starting out and doesn’t have a lot of money to drop, this is the RC car for you.

It’s great for kids and provides the best customer service for its price. That being said, the car itself is nothing special. It’s average at best, great for getting a hang of the controls and getting a lay of the land.

Double E 1:12

Designed with a typical non-roofed or buggy look; Double E1: 12 is a wide range RC racing car equipped with a 4 x 4 wheel drive for off-road surfing.

It features two driving motors; a front plus rear double motor enabling easy movement on most types of land terrain whether plain surfaced or rough.

Double E1: 12 is packed with a quadrupled number of articulated suspensions springs to absorb all shocks produced from vibrations which could cause a damage to the inner electrical components.

This RC car is finally packaged with a long life, high performing quality battery. And due to its flexible suspension springs and well designed tires, it is very difficult for it to get stuck. It is highly suitable for both crawling and smooth terrain racing.

The only shortcoming Double E1: 12 have is the price which is definitely above average for new hobbyists and a short time of racing because of the battery’s duration (about 15 minutes). But if you are looking for a lifelike off-road dualistic RC car, then this might be just okay for you.

 Distianert 1:12 Amphibious RC Monster Truck

Placing an emphasis on a section of its name; Distranert 1:12 is a land-water high speed RC truck. It is fully equipped with a waterproof body part and ultra adaptive wide tires. Not only does it have the ability to crawl on rocky terrains, it can also maintain its motion with a speed of almost 2knm/hour on water with a depth of approximately 50 meters.

If you are looking for RC truck that can move through virtually all terrains, then this is a good news for you because Distranert 1:12 can move even on muddy terrains, grasses and sandy surfaces without much difficulty.

Another supporting feature that maximizes its ability to adapt to any terrain, is the four wheel drive tech. The tires are economically friendly, produced from high quality rubbers. They are designed in a way to enable sufficient gripping and prevent sliding on muddy surfaces.

An important characteristic feature that contributes greatly to its speed is the availability of two driving motor for both front and rear driving with increased flexibility.

All these features allow it to drive up and climb a 45 degree terrain with ease and achieve a speed of 12km/HR. The radio frequency has a control of almost 50m wide range and it is powered by 3AA batteries which can last up to 20 minutes.

It is also built with a strong body frame and coupled with an independent shock absorber to prevent internal damage of the electrical or physical components due to vibrations on motion.

Although it is a bit expensive, Distranert 1:12 Amphibious RC truck can meet up your expectations if you are looking for an all-terrain buggy car.

Traxxas T-Maxx

Looking for speed and power, then you want the Traxxas T-Maxx is the RC truck that you’ve been looking for. Though the speed is not specifically stated it is among the fastest RC Trucks out there. It is a high-quality vehicle.

However, the high-quality nature of this RC Truck works against it as this makes the truck higher in price. The maintenance required to keep this car makes it difficult for newcomers or inexperienced hobbyists. If you do have that experience and want something a little higher priced, then, this is the truck for you!

Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO Buggy

The Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO Buggy tops our list as the fastest car, reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour! The buggy comes with a brush-less RC-540 motor, meaning there is a reduced amount of friction applied to start the motor.

The buggy can drive on wet grass and runs between 35-40 minutes on one charge. However, being at the top of the line means that it requires top of the line care and handling.

Plus, it’s pretty expensive and doesn’t have quite all the advanced features that the buggy needs to be the best. It’s still a great car if you know what you’re doing and are willing to spend extra money.

Redcat Racing Everest-10

Don’t let its size fool you, the Redcat Racing Everest-10 is one of the most tricked out cars ever…Which also makes it one of the slowest. The car only reaches a reported 5 miles an hour, or a little more than a brisk walk. Not exactly the fastest in the list, but by no means should it be counted out. The car is equipped with aluminum capped oil filled shocks.

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

If you are the type that likes drifting, then this RC car is just the best for you. Red cat racing EPX drift car allows you to move both forward and sideways at the same time, while maintaining a continuous stable motion in an easy way.

It combines a 27T 549 motor (Brushed type) with a special and high quality drift tires, allowing a struggle of balance between the corners of the road and the centre. A body framework made of lightweight plastic concludes the easy track recovery when drifting. It is coupled with a four wheel drive to maintain accurate control and precise handling.

Another important feature is the reverse and forward ESC transmission along with an aluminum capped body shock, filled with oil to serve as a shock proof and reduce damage on the internal and external electrical or body components.

It is built with an adjustable suspension allowing drivers to adjust the car to suit their purpose and liking when driving.

So long you are looking for an exotic RC car able to drift effortlessly on the whole road and give you the fun you need, then Red cat Racing EPX Drift car is the best.

The only strike against it is the high price which makes it a bit off range for those on a budget for new hobbyists and it can only be used on a single terrain (smooth surface). However, the extraordinary and realistic view, coupled with its performance, easily pays off these disadvantages and gives you the best drifting experience. 

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck

This is RC truck is an OMG rugged monster truck that would get you very excited. It features a 3300 kilo volt motor (brushless) with a 60Ampere ESC and a high performance quality battery of 3500mAh 20C. Amazing, right?

Designed with one of the best, extremely reliable four wheel drive, the shaft driven four WD provides enough power to easily navigate through even the most difficult and rocky terrains.

Another mouth gaping feature is the presence of eight Aluminum shock absorber, oil filled and bolted with an independent articulated suspension and a chassis of lightweight plastic to offer a top speed (19 – 25mPh) and precise control or accurate handling.

The suspension is fully adjustable to ensure traction maximally and increase performance. It also gives a room for custom adjustment with respect to bumps, potholes and jumps.

It is not just called a volcano for naming sake, the high performance results with the release of much heat which can be easily taken care of by the installed heat cooler.

A 2.4GHz RC is included and it can cover a very wide range with a dominating control over any obstacle.

The only minor protest against it, is the short time battery racing life (7 – 10mins) which could interrupt your fun, especially if you don’t have an extra –preferably, you should get one.

Velocity Toys Racing Throttle Response GT3 Racer Supercar

For all the parents out there trying to get information on RC cars for your kid’s sudden interest, this is one of the best cars to get. It only reaches speeds of 15 mph; however, it is one of the best toy grade cars out there.

The motor offers a decent range of performance levels. It’s durable (parents of rowdy children rejoice!) and won’t break from a few hits. Because of its wiring, you will be able to run several cars at the same time.

Why is this a great feature? In some cases, if the radio waves of two RC cars get crossed, the cars will no longer function. Again, it is a great RC car for kids or beginners.

RASTAR Ferrari La Ferrari

This RC car is commonly viewed as a toy car, but it shouldn’t be just limited to that, as it comes with some intriguing features.

The interior and exterior have similar designs to the original Ferrari car. It features a manually opened door, functioning headlamps and rear or brake lights.

Another important feature that comes with this car is the independent spring suspension system and an adjustable front wheel alignment. RASTAR Ferrari la Ferrari ride is equipped with forward, backward/reverse, left & right turn and a stop control. Notable, it runs well on a plain surface and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

The suspension system ensures balance and perfect handling even when moving at a high speed. The differential mechanism allows exceptional drifting and creates a perfect arc along the path drifted.

Bode flexibility provides Rastar with the ability to achieve a speed of 5.1mPh. The 27MHz to 40MHz Radio control frequency covers a wide range of almost 98ft which is even wider than most top rated RC cars.

The only disadvantage is its inability to be used on other roads than smooth terrains. An extra cost only comes from purchasing a remote controller and car’s battery. 

RW Lamborghini Veneno

If you need a small size but fast RC car for your little kid to play with on outdoors only, then this is the best option but that doesn’t say new hobbyists or racers can’t use it.

It is officially licensed a Lamborghini and can run for as fast as 8 to 10mph. It is built with a front and back light which is automatically turned on when the car moves forward or backwards, respectively.

The interior and exterior design matches the original Lamborghini Veneno. It is equipped with shock absorbers to reduce damage impact on the working components. You can also easily adjust the car to move in a straight line suppose it was found going off. This is done by restoring its lever-forward direction.

The cons of this RC car are its lack of explosiveness and the inability to drift due to absence of Differential mechanism. The handling is also a bit below average or equally average when compared to other top rated RC racing cars.

For hobbyists looking for a very cheap RC car, RW Lamborghini is highly recommended.

Related Questions:

Will changing your lubricant from Usual grease to oil help? Technically proven, yes! A lighter oil can serve as a better alternative to Usual grease because it would improve transmission in your diff.

Usual grease can lead to the formation of clubs and respectively slow down your RC car differential thus reducing the overall speed and performance.

However, Usual grease (likely heavy) can provide you with more stability, especially when making a turn around the corner and give your car a good grip. So it all depends on what you need –speed or stability.

 Does the wheel size affect your speed? Yes, it does! Everything doesn’t just stop with changing tire size alone –you need to consider the effect of wheels on the overall performance of your racing car. If you increase your tire size, then the wheel will need to be relatively increased as well.

For an uneven road surface or those with holes, you should get smaller wheels while for a plain road like tiled surfaces, large wheels will be the best.

Smaller wheels also mean reduced noise and more power economization because of lesser resistance during a roll. On the other hand, large wheels would increase rolling resistance, handling and performance but you won’t have to worry much about power consumption since you’ve might have already upgraded your battery.

Why not try out any one of our top 19 fastest RC cars and try it out yourself? You will surely be happy with our forecast comeback and leave us a thumb up.