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25 of the Best RC Cars (Toy Grade)

Although RC cars have a huge following by adults, there is a large range of toy grade cars to consider for children. To help you se what options are available, I have compiled a large list for you.

What is the best RC Car Toy Grade this year? HOSIM Off-Road RC Electronic Monster Truck 9125 is the perfect monster truck Remote Control vehicle for those who are eight years old and older. The vehicle weighs 5.8 pounds, has a maximum speed of 30 mph and is equipped with two motors. Heavy duty tires allow you to drive off-road and on-road.

There are many remote-control cars for your kids on the market. To choose the best one for your kids age, ability, and interest the list of 25 RC cars below.  Included are the specs, why the RC car would be good for your kid, and what makes this RC vehicle unique. Also included is the age range to help you choose the right skill level car for your child.

01. Cartoon Radio Control Car for Toddlers.

Get your little guys and gals ready for RC racing with this colorful race car design by Liberty Imports. It is fast and fun featuring sleek wheels and honking sounds, music and flashing headlights. Just press the button on the remote control to start up the lights and sound. The car has three removable driver figures that can be put in the driver’s seat or played with on their own. It’s easy to control, and even 18-month-old can enjoy this non-toxic plastic RC car.

02. My Easy RC Vehicle by Fisher-Price.

This cute little “My Easy RC” by Fisher price (check the details on Amazon) is specifically designed for use by kids from 3 to 6. There are no sharp edges, toxic materials or small components that a little one can swallow. The radio controller features four directional arrows that can be quickly learned and mastered. This adorable RC is durable and will last for many hours of play.

Techege Battery Powered Police Remote-Control Car. Want to catch the other RC cars on the track? This Techege batter powered Police car has flashing lights and sirens. It is an interactive, multicolored police RC car with 4 big wheels that can take this RC anywhere.

Your big or little kids will be entertained for hours since this car has lights, sirens, and sounds that work. The car is equipped with Bump and Go technology. When the car hits an obstacle, it turns around and keeps going. It is made from tough and non-toxic ABS plastic. The RC car needs 3 AA batteries to power it up and is perfect for kids who are 3 and up.

03. Hapinic 1:18 Off Road Crawler.

This Hapinic Off Road Crawler (check the price and details on Amazon) remote-control car is made with 100% harmless plastic and electronic elements. It is a 1:18 full-scale remote-control monster truck designed for kids who are as young as 6. It has a rechargeable battery, can run for about 30 minutes and the top speed is about five mph. Drive this monster truck on the ground, in the grass, or even in the sand. It weighs only 1.98 pounds.

04. Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Control Model Car by RASTAR.

Any child 8 and up will be happy with this Ferrari LaFerrari by Rastar (Check the details on Amazon)  lightning-fast RC car that is painted an eye-catching red. Made to look like the real car, it has unique butterfly doors and working lights. An all-independent spring system and suspension make this car fun to drive.

You can race through any room in your house as well as outside on smooth and flat surfaces. The radio controller is shaped like the LaFerrari’s steering wheel and features easy to control buttons for driving the car. The car has a maximum speed of 10 mph, and the car can travel 30 feet away from its controller.

05. Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sport Racing Car by RW.

Lets look at the Lamborghini Veneno by RW (Check the details on Amazon). This 1/24 scale Lamborghini sells for 4.5M in its adult form and is a copy of the world’ priciest production car. Now a scale of this awesome car can be your child’s. The attention to detail is fantastic, and the remote-controlled car has a 10-mph maximum speed. The car has a wide transmission radius and is fast enough to make anyone happy to drive this RC.

06. HOSIM Off-Road RC Electronic Monster Truck 9125.

The HOSIM is the perfect monster truck Remote Control vehicle for those who are eight years old and older. The vehicle weighs 5.8 pounds, has a maximum speed of 30 mph and is equipped with two motors. It also features heavy duty tires which allows you to drive off-road and on-road. The four wheels have bouncing springy material which also gives support. The vehicle won’t drop unexpectedly or is unstable on the ground. It has a large size metal body that is built with a steel chassis shaft structure.

07. Traxxas Stampede.

Give this monster truck to your 8-year-old for Christmas or birthday. It has a 7-cell NiMH battery with iD technology. It is waterproof, and the receiver box is designed to be watertight. There is a 3-channel TQ receiver that gives you kids the ability to play in all weather.

The ergonomic design can drive all day, and your rambunctious child can’t damage the internal antenna. Painted body graphics make this remote-controlled vehicle fun for kids who are even older than 8.

08. Maisto Rock Crawler.

Comes in many fun colors and is perfect for off-road action It has front and rear articulated suspension, three powerful motors and a tri-channel transmitter.

Three people can play simultaneously with their own Maisto radio control vehicles. It does need 6AA and 3AAA batteries. An excellent car for those kids who are 8 and up. The vehicle weighs 2.3 pounds and can go up to 10 mph.

09. Velocity Toys RTR GT3 Racer Supercar.

Kids 8 years an up will enjoy this car that weighs only 3 pounds and can go up to 15 mph. It features a durable monocoque type frame with a covered gearbox. A rechargeable lithium battery will give you hours of fun driving play. The adjustable front wheel alignment gives precise handling. It measures 18” long and has black wheels with semi-pneumatic, rubber grips. It is 8” wide and has a height of 5”.

10. Distianert 1:2 Scale 4WD RTR Rock Crawler.

This cool electric remote-controlled car has a built-in electric 390 brushless motor and can go up to 25 mph. It has 7.4v extended lasting batteries and a pistol-like remote controller. Heavy duty wheels and anti-shock suspension system gives this monster truck extraordinary operation and grip. It has 4WD independent suspension technology and is designed with an anti-collision head. It can drive in all terrain with ease. The truck weighs 4.52 pounds and is excellent for those who are 12 years and older.

11. Redcat Racing Everest Gen 7 Sport.

Is a 1/10 scale rock crawler designed for those who are 14 and up. Redcat comes fully assembled and includes a 2000 NiMH battery and charger. Power coating highlights on the frame plus the frame itself are built with steel and have super swamper tires. Your 14-year-old can take this on any terrain. It has 2.4 GHz radio with waterproof receiver and is ready to run after you put in 4 AA batteries. The remote-control vehicle weighs a hefty 9.63 pounds and can go up to 15 mph.

12. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck.

This Redcat Racing RC weighs only 8.9 pounds and can travel up to 0 mph. It is perfect for kids 14 years and older. The Volcano features an electric brushed 27T M540 motor, four-wheel drive, and a polycarbonate body.

You have forward and reverse in the transmission features forward and reverse. The radio is 2.4 GHz and required 8 AA Batteries that unfortunately are not included. It has waterproof electronics and will give you and your teen hours of fun.

13. Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EXP Pro Buggy.

For kids who are over 14, this remote-control car has an electric RC-540 motor that is brushless. The car also features oil filled shocks and the transmission features reverse and forward. There is a 2.4GHz radio, battery and charger included. The car weighs 7.3 pounds and can race up to 40 mph.

14. Traxxas T-Maxx.

Weight just 10 pounds, and with a speed of up to 45 mph, you and your 14-year-old will love driving this remote-controlled car around the track or any flat surface. It comes set up and includes an EX start battery and a NiMH receiver pack.

The car has a spare glow plus, a fuel filler bottle, and so much more. The RC has a stretched framework, strong framework braces and a skid plate for the transmission. All-terrain tires by Maxx are mounted on chrome wheels make this RC a great addition to any RC collection.

15. Syma X9 Flying Quadcopter Car.

The Syma X9 Flying Quadcopter Car is a two in one remote-controlled toy. It can be used as a car for racing or as a drone. The vehicle features a land mode that allows it to be used a remote-controlled car. There is a fly mode for quadcopter flying. The vehicle has an LED light that gives your kids the change to fly or drive the car at night. It has a 600 mAH rechargeable battery and provides up to six minutes of flight time.

16. TOZOC1025 RC.

The TOZOC1025RC is a car that is ideal for older RC buffs. It is a 1:19 full-scale RC off-road truck. Included is 2.4GHz radio technology, a powerful motor with a maximum speed up to 30 mph. There is an independent shockproof system that prevents damages caused by vibration. Be careful when you drive this car. Avoid hitting objects when driving at high speeds or your car will be damaged.

17. Lamborghini Aventador LP.

This four-wheel radio remote car is not exactly what you might think you want for your child. But this incredible 1/24 scale car will excite any child who is a car enthusiast. The car is black and is considered a showcase car. It is a scaled-down version of the real thing.

The car comes in black, orange and white and has four functions – reverse, left, right, and forward. There are functioning headlights that give your child the opportunity to drive this car around in the dark. Speeds can reach up to 5.5 mph and require 3 AA batteries for the vehicle and 5 AA batteries for the controller.

18. Jada Toys Jurassic World Jeep Remote-Control Car.

If you have a Jurassic World lover in your home, this 1/16 scale model of the Jurassic World Jeep Wrangler would be perfect. It runs via alkaline batteries and uses a 2.4 GHz to drive over rough terrains. Full function radio controls keep the Jeep on target.

19. Haktoys HAK104 Stunt Master.

The Haktoys Stunt Master is not an everyday four-wheel remote-control car, but a bright and see-through vehicle that flashes with lights. It has four substantial off-road ties, daredevil spin and flip over capabilities.

You can drive this RC over rugged terrain, and it will go anywhere, flip over, and continue to operate as usual. There is no “bottom” or “top” to this RC. It is a 360-degree spinning and tumbling RC car designed to provide hours of fun with action tricks, racing, and up-graded stunts. It has a range of up to 30 feet and a top speed of 12 mph. It comes in blue or red, and batteries are included.

20. Force 1 Remote Control Car Gravity Defying RC Car.

The Force 1 simply defies gravity. The car has bright LED headlights and if you activate wall mode on the electric remote control, you can drive on walls or ceilings. Drive this RC car upside-down or sideways. It is durable, high-tech and lightweight. The car includes a USB charger, and rechargeable Li-Po batteries. Fun car even for “big kids.”

21. Aiitoy1:12 Scale RC Car is a high speed 4wd.

An RTR radio controlled off-road monster truck that is RC car hobby grade for adults and older kids.  Features fast racing power, high power motors and the max speed is 30 mph. The tires are wear-resistant, have strong grips and provide cool drift. It is a designed to look real-life and impressive. You have control of the RC car within 100 meters, and its ready to start quickly.

22. The Geekper RC car

An electric remote-control car that is an off-road monster truck. It is 1/1 scale and has a 2.4 Ghz high speed radio. The car is 4wd, fast, and has a rechargeable battery. The truck has a powerful brush motor and electric power-assisted steering system. It runs across rocks, grasses, and even marshland terrains. Go full throttle at 25 mph for those who are advanced drivers.

More Remote Controlled Cars for Older Kids (Adults)

23. New Bright is a 1/16 RC car

A rough and tumble RC car designed for speed and performance.  Made with polycarbonate construction that gives durability to the RC car. Wide tires help you RC car glide over bumpy surfaces. Can withstand rough and tumble play. Watch out, however. Driving it on the lawn will slow it down. You might experience broken gears and run-down batteries after several uses.

24. Velocity Toys presents the Baja Slayer Remote Control Buggy.

The Baja Slayer is an inexpensive yet versatile RC car that is speedy and looks great. It will last a long time if you take extra care of it. The Baja Slayer Buggy includes reactive shock absorbing-suspension, rough-and-tumble wheels, and a removable shell. Go ahead and adjust the front-end. It is designed to be modified. It looks sporty and will make a statement on the racing track. Do note that the buggy is lightweight and may not like rough play.

25. XQ Toys has a 1/18 scale 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS SS.

Camaro fans love this RC! If you want power, however, this RC might not be the best pick, but it sure is cute. Yellow with black racing stripes, Camaro enthusiastic fans love the authentic details. It takes about 2 hours to charge and reaches up to 8 mph. It is not designed for rough terrain, though. It is well made but could be damaged if you are rough with it.


What to Look for in an RC Car

When shopping for the best remote-control cars, it is essential to purchase a remote-controlled car that can handle the terrain you want to explore or the racing you want to do.

Decide if you want a joystick or dual controller (it’s a matter of preference) but get what’s most appealing to you. You will need to find a car that has sealed electronics, good battery life, and a reliable radio signal.


Joysticks are great for younger kids. Modern RC cars have a trigger-operated joystick that are designed for easy function. Hold the remote with on hand and press the trigger button to power the back ties. Use your other hand to control the dial on top of the joystick. This dial controls the front tires.

Dual Controls are similar to what a gamer might use, but it works on a 2-dimensional stage as opposed to a 3-dimensional stage. One joystick on a dual control controls the forward and backward movement. The other joystick controls the tires. How you push the first controller determines the sped of the car.


RC cars today do not run on standard batteries. You need a charging station for the car and the remote, or you have a remote that runs on AA batteries and a built-in car battery that charges in the wall.

If you want, a standard NiMH battery lasts a long time, but if you keep it in the sun to too long, the battery will die out.

Most batters are susceptible to water damage. Remember that your standard NiMH battery will not take driving through a giant puddle.

Recharge the car battery until the battery is full. When you do use your car for a bit, charge the car’s battery once a week to keep it alive.


With RC cars you need to keep moving the car. Few RC cars stretch beyond 300 feet. That is not much, so you think, but you need always to see your car while driving it.


Whenever you drive your RC car, you run the risk of a crash. There is no way around it: RC cars can break. Buy the most durable RC car to minimize the chance of damage and dismay. Follow these tips to buy a car with a durable framework and tough body:

Stay away from remote-control cars that have needless flexible add-ons.

The best RC car bodies are self-contained and wrapped to the frame. You might get scraped paint or dents, but you won’t wreck your car from crashes.

Related Questions

What remote controlled car would be best for my 8-year old? There are four cars on the list that would be exceptional for an 8-year-old. One is the Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Control Model Car by RASTAR. It looks like real Ferrari and has a good maximum speed of 10 mph. What a fund RC car for any kid who is at least 8-years old.

The Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sport Racing Car by RW is a 1/24 scale Lamborghini that is reasonably priced and has a maximum speed of 10 mph.

HOSIM Off-Road RC Electronic Monster Truck 9125 is the perfect monster truck Remote Control vehicle for those who are at least 8-years old. The RC car has a maximum speed of 30 mph and is equipped with two motors. It also features heavy duty tires which allows you to drive off-road and on-road. Your 8-year-old will have hours of fun with this RC.

Traxxas Stampede monster truck is fantastic for your 8-year-old. The RC is waterproof, and the receiver box is designed to be watertight. There is a 3 channel TQ receiver that gives your child the ability to play in all types of weather.

Maisto Rock Crawler comes in many fun colors and is perfect for off-road action. It has front and rear articulated suspension, 3 powerful motors and a tri-channel transmitter.

Velocity Toys RTR GT3 Racer Super would be perfect for your 8-year old.  The RC car has a rechargeable lithium battery to provide your child with hours of fun driving play. The racer measures 18” long and has black wheels with semi-pneumatic, rubber grips plus it’s 8” wide and has a height of 5”.

Are there any RC car clubs in my area? Check with your local hobby shop. They know the available clubs or might have a track on their premises. Meet with other racers in your local hobby shop to find out more information.

I want to start my toddler out with a good RC car. What is a good model? Research by different RC enthusiasts has come back with a couple of models for a young child. One is the Cartoon Radio Control Car for Toddlers.

It is from Liberty Import and features honking sounds, flashing headlights, and must. The car is easy to control and is rated for 18 months age plus.

Fisher Price makes incredible toys, and their Easy RC Vehicle is no exception. This RC is specially designed for use by kids who are 3 to 6. Make with non-toxic materials the manufacturer has made sure there are no sharp edges or components that can be swallowed.

At what age should I introduce a remote-controlled car to my child? Introducing your child to RC racing or playing depends on the maturity of your child, what you want our child to do with the RC, and the price, durability, and your determination.

RCs can be found for kids who are as young as 18-months or as old as 100. It is all determined on what you want in your RC.