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truggy vs buggy
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Truggy vs Buggy (Whats the difference?)

With so many different RC vehicles on the market, it can get mind-boggling. When I first heard the term “Truggy” I wondered what it was, and how it compared to a convetional buggy. For that reason, I will share my research with you now… What the difference between a Buggy and a Truggy? A Truggy […]

RC Cars

What RC Cars Have the Longest Run Time?

Are you interested in maximizing the run time of your car? Sometimes speed isn’t everything. Getting the best runtime can be just as important. For that reason, I am going to explain what cars have the longest run time and what affects this. What RC Cars Have the Longest Run Time? Electric cars typically have […]

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How to Stop RC Car Interference? (Easy Tricks)

If you have multiple RC cars in close proximity, you may find that there may be some interference. I was wondering how it is possible to avoid this interference. Let me explain how you can do this. How to Stop RC Car Interference? There are 3 ways, keep the cars apart, deliberately purchase cars on […]

unleaded petrol remote control car
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What is an Unleaded Petrol Remote Control Car?

One of the annoying things about a Nitro RC car is the expensive fuel. I was happy to learn that the unleaded Petrol car is a great alternative with cheaper running costs. In this article I will explain the benefits and compare to a Nitro RC car. What is an unleaded petrol remote control car? […]

how to build a drift rc car
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How to Build a Drift RC Car

After hearing about people talking about the fast and furious, I was intrigued by Drift cars. In this article I will explain how you can build your own Drift car and reveal some recommendations for Kit cars if you prefer to go that route. What things do you need to build an RC Drift Car? […]