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Where Can I Buy a Petrol RC Car?

If you want to know where you can buy a petrol RC car keep reading. Also, learn how much a good one is, and a popular size for these cars.

Where Can I Buy a Petrol RC Car?

Here are the best places to find one:

1. Specialized Hobby Stores

The first place you might want to look is at a specialized hobby or RC stores. These stores often carry a wide range of RC products, from electric to nitro to petrol-powered vehicles.


  • Expert staff that can provide guidance and answer questions.
  • Opportunity to see the car in person before buying.
  • Often offer after-sales services like repairs and spare parts.


  • Prices might be higher compared to online sources.
  • Limited stock or brands depending on store size.

2. Online Retailers

Websites such as Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms often have a broad selection of petrol RC cars. Some dedicated RC online stores like AMain Hobbies, Horizon Hobby, and Tower Hobbies also offer various models.


  • Extensive selection of brands and models.
  • Often have user reviews that can provide insights before purchasing.
  • Competitive pricing due to a vast market presence.


  • Cannot see or feel the product in person before buying.
  • Potential for shipping fees or delays.

3. Direct from Manufacturers

Some RC car manufacturers sell directly to consumers from their websites. Brands like HPI Racing, Traxxas, and Redcat Racing might offer petrol RC cars that you can purchase directly.


  • Assurance of getting a genuine product.
  • Access to the latest models or limited editions.
  • Manufacturer warranties.


  • Potentially higher prices.
  • Limited to one brand’s offerings.

4. Local Clubs or Racing Events

If there’s an RC car club or racing event in your area, attending can provide an opportunity to meet other enthusiasts. Some members might be selling their older models or know where to get good deals.


  • Personal recommendations from experienced hobbyists.
  • Opportunity to test or see the car in action.


  • Limited availability and options.
  • Might need to wait for event schedules.

Factors to Consider Before Buying:

  • Budget: Petrol RC cars can be more expensive than their electric or nitro counterparts. Determine a budget before shopping.
  • Skill Level: Petrol RC cars can be more challenging to maintain and operate. Ensure it aligns with your experience level.
  • Purpose: Are you buying for competitive racing, casual fun, or collecting? Different cars cater to different needs.
  • Maintenance: Petrol engines require regular maintenance. Are you prepared for the upkeep?
  • Spare Parts: Ensure that the model you buy has readily available spare parts in case of breakages.

How Much Money is a Good Petrol RC Car?

  • Entry-level: For beginners, an entry-level petrol RC car can start from $200 to $500. These are generally smaller, less powerful, and might not have the durability of more expensive models.
  • Mid-range: These cars are typically priced between $500 and $1,000. They offer a balance between performance, durability, and cost.
  • High-end: For serious hobbyists or those looking for top-notch performance, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 or even more. These cars often come with high-performance engines, better build quality, and are usually from reputable brands.

Types of Petrol RC Cars

Petrol fuel pump.
Petrol fuel pump.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that petrol RC cars come in various sizes and types:

  • Buggies: These are all-terrain vehicles designed for both off-road and on-road use.
  • Monster Trucks: Larger and built for rough terrains.
  • On-road cars: Designed primarily for speed on smooth surfaces.
  • Rally cars: Made for on-road and off-road but lean more towards off-road capabilities.

Depending on the type, prices can vary significantly. For instance, monster trucks are generally more expensive than on-road cars.

Scale Size

Petrol RC cars come in different scale sizes, with 1/5 and 1/8 being the most common. Typically, larger-scale cars tend to be more expensive due to the larger engines and more detailed components.

Quality and Brand

Just like any other product, the brand and quality play a pivotal role in determining the price. Reputable brands that are known for their durability, performance, and after-sales service might charge a premium. However, investing in a good brand often ensures longevity and a better overall experience.

Engine Complexity

The engine’s power and complexity are major price determinants. Some petrol RC cars have more powerful engines designed for racing, while others are built for casual play. High-performance engines are typically more expensive.

Customization and Upgrades

The base price of an RC car might seem reasonable, but remember that many enthusiasts invest in upgrades and customizations. From performance-enhancing modifications to cosmetic changes, the sky’s the limit, and so is the potential cost.

Additional Costs

Besides the initial purchase, consider the ongoing costs of fuel, maintenance, and potential repairs. Quality petrol for RC cars isn’t cheap, and regular maintenance is vital to keep them running smoothly.

What is the Most Popular Petrol RC car size?

The 1:5 scale is among the most popular when it comes to petrol-powered RC cars. Here are some reasons why:

  • Performance and Realism: At this size, RC cars have enough room to house a more powerful engine, offering a more authentic driving experience. The engine’s roar, the smoke, and the power make the experience incredibly lifelike.
  • Durability: With larger parts and a sturdier build, 1:5 scale cars tend to be more robust and resistant to damage compared to their smaller counterparts.
  • Customization: The larger size allows hobbyists to tweak, modify, and customize their cars more easily. There’s more room to work with, which is especially appealing to those who enjoy tuning their vehicles.
  • Visibility: Simply put, it’s easier to keep an eye on a bigger car. This makes outdoor racing or bashing in vast areas more manageable and enjoyable.

Other Popular Sizes

While the 1:5 scale is exceptionally popular, other sizes, such as the 1:8 and 1:10 scales, also have their dedicated fanbase. These scales are smaller and might be preferred for those who have limited space or want something more budget-friendly.

However, in the realm of petrol-powered RCs, the bigger sizes generally reign supreme due to the advantages they bring in terms of power and realism.

Choosing the Right Size for You

The best petrol RC car size depends on your individual preferences, budget, and where you intend to use the car. Here are some considerations:

  • Budget: Larger cars, such as those in the 1:5 scale, are generally more expensive. Not only is the initial purchase pricier, but the maintenance costs can also be higher.
  • Space: If you’re racing or driving in a small backyard, a 1:5 scale might be too big. You’d need a large open area to truly enjoy these beasts.
  • Purpose: If you’re looking for realism and power, then the larger scales are for you. However, if you’re more into casual racing or if you’re a beginner, a smaller scale might be more suitable.