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best rc monster truck for bashing

5 Best RC Monster Trucks for Bashing

If you are looking for an RC truck that is strong and built for bashing you are in the right place. I remember getting my first car as a child only to find it broken in two weeks, this was a big deal to me, so let’s make sure I help you choose a strong car today made for bashing.

What is the best RC Monster Truck for bashing? In my opinion, this is the best truck for bashing (Click here to see the price on Amazon), it has amazing handling, speed and is a beast. It is built to last and you can program the ESC to your style.

Now you know what my top choice is, let me break down in detail why I chose it. Also, look at some other alternatives that may benefit you.

Quick Comparison

NameImageMy Rating
Redcat Racing
Blackout SC PRO 1/10 –
Click for price on Amazon
Team Redcat
TR-MT10E 1/10 Scale

Click for price on Amazon
77076-4 X-Maxx

Click for price on Amazon

What is an RC Monster Truck?

RC trucks are one of the best radio control vehicles for going off-road. They can also be used on the pavement. But, you will not get as much speed as you would from a buggy or another vehicle.

They are excellent for bashing because it allows you to throw the car around, deal with on-road, as well as off-road terrains. And generally, have great fun with them.

They also have increased suspension so that you can do jumps and other crazy stunts that you wouldn’t be able to do in a conventional RC vehicle.

What is “Bashing”?

“Bashing”, in the RC world, refers to driving your vehicle without any official rules or regulations.

When you are doing official racing you will have a very regulated environment. You can’t do certain things. You will also have an official marshal and controlled race conditions.

However, bashing is just literally throwing the vehicle around, doing jumps, and just basically doing whatever you like, are you with me?

You can also informally race a friend. But, it will not be the same as an official regulated race.

There is a chance that you may wreck your vehicle while you are doing this. But, this is just all part of the fun and the risk of “bashing”.

What should you consider before choosing the perfect RC truck for bashing?

When you are considering the best basher Truck for you, you need to think about what your needs are. Most importantly, you can consider a nitro or an electric vehicle (click here to see the difference between electric and Nitro vehicles). But there are good reasons for each of these options, depending on your needs, let me explain…

A nitro vehicle is definitely more powerful and if you’ve got a real need for speed then this is definitely one for you.

However, the challenge with nitro vehicles is the skill level required. You need to have a lot more skills and technical knowledge to be able to maintain and even start them. Whereas an electrical vehicle is more suited to a beginner.

So if you feel that you would like the easy way and would not like the nuances of having a Nitro vehicle then electrical is the way forward for you.

Also when it comes to run-time (click here to see which RC car has the best run-time) you’re likely to get a better run time out of an electric vehicle.

For that reason, I will now recommend my best RC Monster trucks for basing based on electric vehicles:

Best RC Monster Trucks for Bashing:

01. Redcat Racing Blackout SC PRO 1/10

Click to see the price on Amazon


  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Has forward and Reverse
  • Comes with Battery & Charger


  • Batteries not included (and will be required)

This truck is ideal for bashing, it has great handling with its independent suspension and grippy tires. It is powered by a 3200 MAh battery and even comes with a battery charger so you can keep the battery topped up.

It is also RTR (click here to see what RTR is and why it’s great) meaning it makes life easier for you to get up and running.

02. Team Redcat TR-MT10E 1/10 Scale

Click to see the price on Amazon


  • Waterproof ESC & servo (To protect your electronics)
  • Strong Truck for bashing (Reinforced Diffs and oversize bumper)
  • Very powerful with 3S Lip batteries (Not included by the way).


  • Does not include the charger or battery

This truck is a monster! If you go for the 2S Lipo batteries you won’t be let down, but if you slot in the 3S Lipos you will unleash the demon within!

If you are looking for Truck for bashing then let this “bad boy” be a serious consideration.

03. Traxxas 77076-4 X-Maxx

Click here to see the price on Amazon


  • Amazing Handling using Traxx’s Stability management.
  • Great speed
  • Has the ability to “Flip” itself back upright, if it rolls.


  • Front hood may securing

This truck can take a some serious rough treatment, and still look you in the eye and ask “IS that all you got for me?”. It is built like the Hulk and has amazing power.

If you are looking for something to bash around wether thats off-road or not, this will do it for you.

Also, don’t think because it’s big and strong it will be slow and sluggish, no, it has great speed for its size also.

The only criticism I would say is the front hood may flap about a bit if you don’t secure it down, but thats not a deal breaker for all its benefits.

04. Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4X4

Click here to see the price on Amazon


  • Cuts through grass like butter!
  • Amazing for jumping
  • With 5000MAh batteries (Not included) has long run-time
  • Jumps like a Kangaroo!


  • Doesn’t handle 3S batteries well.

This truck is strong, great speed and can cut through grass like butter. If you have the budget consider adding a 5000 MAh battery to get amazing run-time.

It is a great value and delivers the power you need, and jumps like a kangaroo!

The only criticism I have, and for some, this could turn them off. And that it can’t handle 3S Lipo batteries well, in fact probably not worth bothering with them with this vehicle.

05. Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer 4X4

Click to see the price on Amazon


  • Great handing with 4-link suspension
  • Has good speed
  • Great for off-road terrain.


  • Will need to supply your own batter and charger

This Truck is powerful, great speed and a great truck for bashing. You can throw it around and it can handle. The only thing I would say it is not built as strong as the others that have been reviewed here. Great fun never the less.

Related Questions:

Is a Truggy stronger than a Monster truck for off-road? No, a monster truck is built for off-road. Whereas a truggy (Click here to see what a truggy is and how it’s different). A truggy is really a hybrid vehicle with the benefit of speed and agility of a buggy.

If you want a really strong vehicle for bashing then the monster truck is the way to go.

What do you do if your truck stops working? There are a number of things you can check (Click here to see what to do if your electric car keeps cutting out).

The idea is to troubleshoot each main component in the vehicle to see where the problem may come from. However, if you are using one of the vehicles discussed in todays article you have less chances of problems, when compared to a Nitro vehicle.