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Truggy vs Buggy (Whats the difference?)

With so many different RC vehicles on the market, it can get mind-boggling. When I first heard the term “Truggy” I wondered what it was, and how it compared to a convetional buggy. For that reason, I will share my research with you now…

What the difference between a Buggy and a Truggy? A Truggy is a cross between a Buggy and a Stadium Truck, it has great handling, wide tires and easier to pick up and drive. A Buggy is smaller, more challenging to drive but quite fast in comparison.

Now you know the difference, let me explain where the term “Truggy” came from, more detail on the subtle differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each model and more.

What is a Truggy?

A Truggy is a mix between a buggy and a stadium truck, hence the play on both names, “Tru-ggy”. Essentially it stems from the demand of truck owners wanting to lower their vehicles and buggy owners wanting to have bigger and wider wheels for better terrain.

One of the most distinctive things on a Truggy is the wider wheels, which are similar to truck wheels. As opposed to the narrower version that standard buggies come with.

The simplest example of a Truggy is an owner simply upgrading his (or her) existing buggy with larger wheels and bigger body mounts.

However, you can get hold of actual purpose made kits that will allow you to convert your vehicle into a Truggy.

Example of Truggies

Sometimes it is easier to explain using a real-world example. So, for that reason let me give you a couple of examples of Truggy models out there for sale:

Armin Tailin Truggy:


The Armin Tailin Truggy (Click for the price on Amazon) is a high-end Truggy for RC hobbyists or professionals. This is an RTR (click for my article explaining what RTR is). and fast, can go over 70 MPh.

VRX Racing Truggy

The VRX Racing Truggy (Click for the price on Amazon) is a Nitro Powered (Click for my opinions on Nitro vs Electric cars) RTR car.  Again, this is for serious RC car enthusiasts.

What is a Buggy?

A Buggy is one of the most popular and stereotypical versions of an RC vehicle (Click for my review of the best 3 off-road cars for beginners). They are available in most toy stores or any online shop.

They cater to a few different markets off-road, on-road and some for both.

Most of these buggies are what are called RTR, which is an abbreviation for ready-to-run. Effectively, you purchase the vehicle from the store, take It home, charge it up and you’re ready to race. Without any complications.

Although this may sound like a standard expectation, there are other high-end vehicles that require an involved set-up. So this is why RTR is quite popular for beginners in particular.

So what are the advantages of an RC buggy?

Most people love RC buggies for their versatility. They are good on tarmac so you can “open up” the vehicle (effectively floor it without any problems).

However, they are also good on more tougher terrain because they have more versatility than a standard RC vehicle, are you with me?

Freely available

They are also freely available in many shops. Meaning, getting hold of them is not a problem. And they also cover a good range of budgets. From high-end expensive models to smaller priced offerings.

They are seen as a great introductory vehicle for beginners because of their versatility and easy to pick up and drive. They are also good for what is called “bashing”, but more explanation on that later on in the article.

Good for racing

They are also good for racing as well. In fact, if you are on the fence about what RC car to get. Then this is usually a good choice because they cover many bases.

What are some of the disadvantages of an RC buggy?

While RC buggies are good in most conditions. If you have an appetite to take them on extreme off-road locations then you will struggle.

Struggle on Extreme-Off road

If there are too many potholes in the road, for example, or you’re planning on taking it on some serious off-road or Bush-bashing then a buggy is really not the ideal choice for you.

On a one off you may get away with it. But, doing this on a consistent basis will reduce the lifespan of your vehicle.

If this is your main usage of the vehicle then you’re probably better to look for a Truggy or a stadium truck.

On a side note, you can attempt to simply upgrade the tires to improve the driving experience in these rough terrains. But, you will soon notice that this is not going to make a massive difference.

What are the advantages of an RC Truggy?

The biggest advantages of a Truggy is the ease of use and handling ability.

It is very good for a beginner because it is very easy to handle. They may not get as fast as a buggy, but they are definitely easy to handle and throw around a course.

They are also good for off-road driving. You can take them for a “bashing” and they can deal with potholes and bumps in the ground much easier than a buggy will.

What are the disadvantages of an RC Truggy?

One of the biggest disadvantages with a Truggy is the expensive tire cost. simply because they are so much bigger and wider than the standard RC buggy variation. They also not able to go in reverse.

Will not improve your driving Skill

With regards to driving skills, they are excellent for beginners to pick up and run with. But, in the long-term, you will find that you won’t learn as much from the RC Truggy because it limits your capability to deal with difficult driving situations, let me explain…

What I mean from this is, because it’s so easy to pick up and run with an RC Truggy it makes you lazy. You don’t have to learn how to get around the challenges that you would be presented if you had an RC buggy, are you with me?

So if you are a serious RC vehicle owner, who’s planning to consider doing professional racing, then you may be better to consider a buggy.

Related questions:

Q: What is bashing?

Bashing is effectively playing with your RC vehicle without actually racing, let me explain…

Think of it as just general driving around roads or maybe even off-road with a friend or just for fun. You could incorporate racing into this category but it wouldn’t be serious racing.

There will be no official racing Marshall for example. No professional individuals regulating it, it would simply be you and a friend agreeing on a makeshift race on a street for example.

Most hobby RC drivers may fall into this category unless you see yourself as a professional racer.

Q: What is a stadium truck?

A Stadium truck is an RC vehicle which is made for off-road usage. An example of this is the Traxxas Rustler (Click for reviews on Amazon) which is a rear wheel driven vehicle or the Traxxas e-Revo (Click for the price on Amazon) which is a four-wheel drive example.

They have a similar appearance to a buggy (Click here to see if a 1/10th or 1/8th scale buggy is best) because of their large and wide wheels. They have a distinctive look about them because they are similar to truck bodies but they have open large wheels.