Month: December 2018

How Can You Unstick a Nitro Engine?
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How Can You Unstick a Nitro Engine

The winter season is the perfect season to take your RC cars out and race them in the snow. So, don’t let it hibernate inside your storage room. Have fun with your RC car as it is one of the best activities for all seasons and not just in winters. But how can you unstick […]

can you bring RC Car plane
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Can You Bring an RC Car on a Plane?

Thinking what to carry on the plane is one thing, but adding an RC car to the mix is another story. That’s why I wrote this article highlighting all the essential considerations for carrying an RC car on the plane. Can You Bring an RC Car on a Plane? Yes, undeniably you can bring an […]

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How Long Will a Nitro RC Engine Last?

Before you invest in any RC Car, you need to know if you will be getting value. Therefore understanding how long your car will last is important. Let’s focus on the most critical component, the engine. How long will a nitro RC engine last? Some say 4-5 gallons. But, that depends upon your smartness and […]

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Should You Use an RC Transmitter Stick or Wheel?

When it comes to operating the car, there are two popular methods to control it. One is a radio control transmitter stick, the other is a radio control transmitter wheel. Now, you might be asking, what’s the difference? That’s exactly what we are going to find out. Should you use an RC transmitter stick or […]

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Can RC Cars Go In Snow

Using RC Cars is fun, but how will the weather affect your fun? Personally I don’t love the snow but the question is, does your car? And how will it affect your performance in these conditions? Let’s see. Can RC Cars go in snow? Yes they can, however, not all RC cars are designed to […]

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What Does RTR Mean in RC Cars?

If you are researching RC Cars, no doubt you have come across many acronyms, such as RTR. In the beginning this can be confusing. Let me focus on answering that question for you today.   What Does RTR Mean When People Talk about RC Cars? RTR means one simple thing – “Ready to Run.” If […]

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What is Nitro RC Fuel?

Don’t you just love watching a live car racing show? The sound of the nitro fueled cars while they race and the thrill we feel when we cheer our favorite racers. Similarly, racing our Nitro RC Fuel cars is a thrilling experience because we are so fond of the “Vroom” sound. Most of us if […]