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How Can You Unstick a Nitro Engine

The winter season is the perfect season to take your RC cars out and race them in the snow. So, don’t let it hibernate inside your storage room. Have fun with your RC car as it is one of the best activities for all seasons and not just in winters.

But how can you unstick a nitro engine? power up the nitro engine to check if it is stuck. Clean the engine, then remove the glow plug and fill it with nitro fuel. This will dissolve all the residue from the castor oil. You can also warm the engine with a hair dryer or a heat gun. You will be able to chip off the epoxy from the stews when you heat up the engine.

These were just the basic instructions on how to unstick a nitro engine. But what about the other problems that may occur in your nitro engine when you take out your nitro RC car after a while. Following are the step by step instructions for you, so read ahead.

Why Would Your Nitro Engine Get Stuck?

There are a few reasons as to why would your nitro engine get stuck? One of the reasons for this is that your combustion chamber contains too much fuel and it causes hydrolock. This happens if you have been trying to start your engine repeatedly. It starts getting flooded and then finally it’s jammed.

Your nitro engine will get stuck if there is a stone or debris jammed in the flywheel while you are running it on the road.

Another reason that prevents your engine from starting is if your nitro engine’s pull-start is jammed. If you haven’t raced your RC car for a long time and the nitro engine is just sitting idle, then this can be another reason for nitro engine getting stuck. Because any old fuel can clog up the engine.

How Can You Prevent Your Engine From Getting Stuck, in Future?

You want to prevent your engine from getting stuck, in future? You need to follow some basic steps. Keep your engine clean; whether you are using your RC car regularly or you are keeping it away in the storage room for a while. Do examine the batteries as well for any bulging or leakage.

Don’t let your screws loosen up because they rattle very easily and can get stuck sometimes. Check screws completely, especially where metal to metal contact occurs.

Keep your engine lubed up so that you can prevent it from getting stuck in future. You can apply after run oil for long-term storage, this will keep the engine good as new. For normal every day use, just add castor oil in your fuel to avoid rust.

You also need to clean the air filter constantly if you are running your RC car daily. But after the season, if you are putting the car in the storage room make sure you re-oil the air filter. You should also ensure to replace the fuel filter before you use it in the new season, because it can affect the performance of the engine.

How Will “After Run” Oil Help You if You Plan to Leave Your Car Unused for a While?

Do you use your RC car for just one or two seasons? Like in summer and winter, only to keep it in storage for rest of the days? Use after run oil before putting it away. After run oil will help keep your engine lubricated because without it, the engine will turn into a nasty gunk over time.

Applying the after run oil will keep your engine’s internal parts protected. In this way, when you take out your car after a while from the storage, the nitro engine of your car will start without getting stuck.

After run oil saves your car from getting greasy and rusty over time. All you need to do is a little cleaning and a bit of tuning when you take out your unused car.

What is the Best Way to Start Your Car After Storage?

Whether the car has been in storage for a few months or for a year or two, the best way to start your car is to replace all the fluids.

Do a proper inspection of your car’s internal parts, including the engine before the start-up. Turn the crankshaft with a wrench to ensure that the pistons of your car’s engine aren’t frozen. Replace the car batteries if they are damaged or aren’t working.

It’s a good idea to add a few drops of oil to the spark plug hole and crank the engine for a few seconds so that the oil can reach into the entire system. Don’t forget to check the brakes and wheel bearings. Your car is now ready to start, so go ahead and race it.

Is it a Good Idea to Replace the Glow Plug if You Haven’t Used it in a While?

As you already know, glow plugs are an important part of nitro RC car engine because they provide the heating element that the car engine needs to start up. It is done through a 1.5v battery contained in a glow igniter and some of the recent vehicles have on-board batteries.

Now, if you haven’t used your car in a while and you are thinking to replace the glow plug, don’t do that directly. First, check if your engine is running properly or not, if it’s not damaged or deteriorating then the glow plugs don’t need to be replaced.

The glow plug will only need replacement when the oil or nitro has leaked (Click here to see how to clean a gummed up engine) over the coil of the plug and oxidized it over time. Other reasons for replacing the glow plugs are: more than normal smoke coming out of the engine and the engine misfiring on a regular basis.

The replacement of glow plugs usually depends on how you store your car. Please don’t keep replacing the glow plug whenever you take it out of the storage. It will only add on to your expenses.

Is it a Good Idea to Clean the Air Filter if it Hasn’t Been Used in a While?

Do you remember the last time you cleaned the air filter of your RC car? Do you race your car regularly or is it just a seasonal activity for you? These are the main questions you need to consider, before you plan to clean the air filter.

It is a good idea to clean the air filter of your RC car’s engine, if you have taken it out after quite some time. While you clean and re-oil the air filter, check for any damaged or flattened element of the filter.

If you find any flaw, then replace the element immediately, because polluted air can harm your engine and affect its performance. When you attach the assembly on the carb neck make sure to use new zip ties.

Remember to clean the air filter before you store your car away for a season as well as when you take it out again.

Will Too Much Oil in the Hydraulic Potentially Cause Your Engine to Get Stuck?

When it comes to adding the amount of fluids in your engine, you need to know the specific quantity of the fluids. Oil is important fluid for your RC engine but an excess of oil in the hydraulic can potentially be harmful.

Your engine will get stuck because of too much oil, because the spinning crankshaft can whip the oil into foam. So, instead of lubricating the hydraulics of your engine, it can cause hydro-lock.

Always be careful when you are oiling your engine because the quantity of the oil matters a lot.

What Should You Do if the Pull-Start Cord is Jammed?

When your pull-start cord is stuck, follow these three simple steps:

Firstly, remove the glow plug; once done, pull on the cord a few times but do it very gently. If the pull start cord is released, then replace the glow plug and restart the engine.

If the cord is still jammed, then it must be twisted inside or its stuck from the outside. In this case, you should access the fly wheel and rewind the pull cord or just get your pull start cord replaced.

Should You Service Your RC Car?

Servicing your RC car is a good idea, whether you do it occasionally or regularly. It all depends on your usage schedule. This keeps your car clean and gives you a smooth run, whenever you take it on a ride. The internal parts of RC car are very delicate. So, keeping it clean and functional will be beneficial for you, whenever you take it out for racing.