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Cleaning Gummed Up Nitro Engine (The Correct Way)

If you have tried to start your Nitro engine but noticed that the engine is gummed up, you may be looking for some solutions (Click here to see what you need to use to flush it, on Amazon).

Why does your nitro engine get gummed up?

Most nitro engines get gummed up because they are left for a long period with fuel in it. This causes the fuel to evaporate and then it will leave a gummy sludge inside resulting in problems starting the engine.

What you will need while you clean the engine


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So, now you know why this happens, you may be keen to see what you can do to clean it up and get it running, keep reading to learn this, and more.


How can you clean your gummed up nitro engine?

To clean your gummed up engine you need to drain the old fuel out of the system first then flush the system with new fuel (Click here to see my best one, on Amazon). If the problem persists you may need to remove the engine and clean it manually.

Most people are left wondering why their engine is not starting after a long stint of non-usage, and this method will help to get it back to working order again. So, now you know some action steps that you can take to clean your gummed up my engine.

What is priming a Nitro RC engine?

Priming a nitro RC engine is getting the fuel flowing from the tank to the engine. The problem is it can often get filled up with air. You need to get it this fuel running through the system by using this priming process.

You may have heard people using the term “priming” before and wondered exactly what it was, right? Well, now you know.

How long does it take to break in a nitro engine?

It can take 1 to 2 hours to break in a nitro engine. This is required to get the best performance and lifespan out of the nitro engine. Also, you will require 3-5 tanks of nitro fuel (Click here to see the price, on Amazon) for this to be successful.

If you have recently got a nitro engine you may have wondered if you could just put it into your car and then you’re up and running. But, unfortunately, you need to break it in first. And, now you know how long this will take and why it’s important.

How do I know if my nitro engine is worn out?

To check if your nitro engine is warning out you can look out for two indicators. Firstly, if you notice it is cutting out when it gets warm, it’s a warning sign that it needs to be replaced (Click here to get an idea of the cost, on Amazon).

Also, with the engine out, if you can push the piston flush, or beyond the sleeve, it is another sign that it needs to be replaced.

If you are having problems with your RC nitro car and you are wondering if it could be the engine then you can use these tests to confirm if it could truly be the engine or not.

So, now you know how to confirm if your nitro engine is knackered, or a way to eliminate that from your troubleshooting efforts (Click here for some other things to check).

Is nitro fuel flammable?

Nitro fuel is flammable. And, it is flammable even without oxygen. However, it requires a high temperature to reach its burning point. In particular, above 4000 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are concerned about the fuel that comes with your nitro engine you now know that it is flammable. But, at least you now understand its burning point as well.

Are nitro RC cars waterproof?

Most nitro cars are not waterproof. Meaning, it is not a good idea to drive it into a puddle, through snow, or wet mud. This is because, if it is not waterproof, which most of them are not, and you do this, there is a good chance that you can damage your engine.

So, if you have a nitro RC car and you are interested in taking out for a good bashing you now know that you could be taking a risk if it is a wet day, or the course is sodden with water.

Can you run a nitro RC car in the winter?

Nitro RC Cars can be run in the winter. But, it can be difficult to start them in these conditions. Also, you may notice that if the temperature is below freezing then it can cause other problems. Such as, the Nitro fuel may get gelled up. This can then cause further damage to the engine.

People that love racing in the winter, and do not want their car idle in these months often get tempted to run it in these conditions.

So, If you are keen to take your car out in the winter, you now know the risks associated with it and why it’s a good idea to avoid, especially when its below freezing.

Are nitro RC cars dangerous?

Nitro cars are more dangerous than electric cars because of their fumes, noise, and fast speed. For these reasons it is recommended that they are only used outside, rather than risking indoor racing. Although they are more dangerous than electric cars they are safe if in skilled hands.

People that are new to RC cars may have heard some rumors that nitro RC Cars are dangerous, and are often keen to confirm if it is true or just rumors. So, now you know it is more dangerous, but it can be managed with the correct experience.

Can debris get stuck if you use your Nitro car off-road?

Debris can get stuck in your nitro car off-road. In particular, you can get grit or small stones stuck or jammed in the flywheel, which is part of the engine. You need to avoid this because it can be tricky to get it out if it gets jammed up in an awkward position.

Drivers that plan to take their nitro car off-road often wonder if the small bits of debris can get stuck in it and cause you issues. So, now you know it can and can be more prepared for off-road usage.

What is the best Nitro fuel mix for speed-hungry racers?

The best nitro fuel mix speed for speed-hungry racers is approximately 30% nitro fuel. However, this is not ideal for maintaining your car long-term. Hence the reason why most manufacturers never provide this level of mix, to keep the car safe.

Most people who are interested in getting the most speed and performance out of their nitro car often wonder about this and may experiment to tweak their performance. But, the safest mix will have less Nitro and more lubricant.

Are Nitro cars for beginners?

Nitro cars are ideal for intermediate or professional drivers. They are not ideal for beginners. However, a beginner can use one. But, they will find it more difficult. This is because these cars require skilled maintenance, constant tweaking, and a high level of experience to get them started and running consistently.

Most enthusiastic beginners researching RC cars wonder about these cars. They are often advised to start with an electric car or warned of the challenges with a nitro vehicle. I understand the temptation though, Nitro cars sound amazing and use real fuel.