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How Do I Know if My Nitro Fuel is Bad? (Surprising?)

If you have concerns that your Nitro fuel has gone bad (Click here to see my best alternative, on Amazon), you may be looking for some way to check and clarify.

How do I know if my nitro fuel is bad?

You know if your Nitro fuel is bad if it’s not looking clear or sludgy. If this is the case, there is a good chance it’s going bad. If this is your situation, you may need to replace the fuel or mix it to get it back into a usable state.

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So now you know how to check if your Nitro fuel has gone bad. But, what can you do about this? What percentage of nitro should you use in the fuel mix? Is there anything else you can use instead of nitro? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.


What can you do if this Nitro fuel goes bad?

If your Nitro fuel goes bad there are a few options available. Mix it with a newer Nitro Nitro fuel (Click here to see my best alternative, on Amazon), replace it completely by flushing the old fuel out first, or add nitromethane (Nitro), but, only do the later if it is still clear but looks discolored.

Once you have established that your Nitro fuel is bad often people are scratching their heads trying to work out what they can do in this predicament. So, now you know what steps and options you have if you notice that your fuel has gone bad.

What percent nitro fuel should I use?

You should use 20% Nitro if you want to use your car for general use. However, If you want to use it to its highest ability, meaning, get the most speed and horsepower, then you will need to crank it up to 30%. However, be warned, at 30% it is not ideal for the long-term lifespan of your engine.

Often people are curious about what fuel mix they can get away with to improve their performance. Although 30% gets you better performance, there is a reason why manufacturers often provide less.

This is because over long periods using a 20% mix is more desirable. Whereas 30%, or higher, could reduce the lifespan of your nitro engine.

What can I use instead of nitro fuel?

You can use kerosene instead of nitro fuel. some say they have used this kerosene mix successfully. However, it is not recommended to do this. Because it is not safe for the long-term lifespan of your engine and you need to have the experience to feel confident to even try this.

Often people who are sick and tired of the increased prices of nitro fuel will look into other ways of making their fuel mix at home. Whilst it is tempting, it is not advisable, because it is not always for the best interests of your vehicle.

How do you store nitro fuel?

To store Nitro fuel you need to keep it in a dark and cool place. Also, you need to avoid moisture getting in. For example, it is better to store the nitro with a full bottle, or close to full. This is because it will reduce the chances of air getting trapped and letting moisture develop.

Nitro fuel does not respond well to high heat or moisture therefore it is important to follow these steps to keep your car, or truck, for as long as possible.

How long does a tank of nitro fuel last in an RC car?

A tank of nitro fuel lasts on average 10 to 15 minutes in an RC car or truck. However, this can vary largely based on several conditions. For example, the racing conditions, how fast you push your car, or truck, and the weight of your vehicle.

So, as you can understand it is impossible to give an exact amount of time because there are too many variables at play. But, at least now you understand on average how much you can get for it. So, you can plan, or decide, if a nitro vehicle is ideal for you.

What fuel is used in nitro RC cars?

The fuel used in Nitro RC cars is methanol. But, it includes nitromethane. This nitromethane acts as the performance boost most racers’ desire. These cars have a glow plug, hence the reason some call them glow engines.

So, now you know what fuel is used in Nitro RC cars in case you were curious or keen to understand what it consists of.

Can Nitro RC cars run on diesel?

RC cars cannot run on diesel. This is because the car will struggle to ignite using this fuel. It’s desirable to consider using diesel fuel, which is available in many supermarkets, but, it won’t work with your car, so it’s not worth trying it.

Beginner RC drivers often look at the price of nitro fuel and wonder if there are easy ways to reduce the cost for, and fuels like diesel are more plentiful. But, it is advisable to stick with the official Nitro Fuel (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon) and your car will be better off.

Why you can’t just store your Nitro car on the shelf after usage

If you put your car on the shelf right after racing and forget about it for several months it will build up sludge and get gummed up (Click here to see what you can do if this happens). When this happens it will be very difficult to get it started again. You may get away with it a few times but, long term, it will cause you problems and corrode your engine.

New RC car owners, especially Nitro vehicles, sometimes feel a bit lazy and do not want to go through the correct maintenance procedure to keep their car safe. Although it is tempting, it’s not worth facing the long-term cost of having to replace the engine or other parts in the vehicle, are you with me?

Is it fine to switch the brand of Nitro fuel?

It is fine to switch the brand of your RC Nitro fuel (Click here to see this one, on Amazon). It won’t cause any issues. However each time you switch you may need to tune up the engine to make sure that’s it is working fine.

You will only notice significant changes if you completely use the old fuel first, then switch to brand B, if that makes sense?

Many new car owners, who have Nitro fuel-powered cars, look at the market for other fuel options,  maybe cheaper options. But, they may get concerned that it can potentially damage their engine. So, now you know this is not the case.

Can you make your own Nitro fuel?

You can make your own Nitro fuel. To do this you need three main ingredients. This includes nitromethane, methane, and caster oil. This is possible, but,  it can be a hassle to get right. And, you will need a good level of experience and competence to do it successfully.

Although this may sound attractive, making your own Nitro fuel,  it can be a complete headache. It is understandable why people look at alternatives, considering the cost, but trust me, it is better to stick with the recommended brands (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon).

What fuel does Nitro glow engines use?

Nitro glow engines use Nitro fuel. This is a mix of three ingredients, nitromethane, methanol, and oil. Nitro engines are often referred to as glow engines because of the glow plug used inside of them.

So, now you know the fuel used in nitro engines and why some people refer to them as glow engines.