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Hobbywing ESC Cutting Out (Now What? + Solution)

If you are having problems with your Hobbywing ESC (Click here to see my preferred replacement, on Amazon), then chances are you are looking for a solution.

Why is your Hobbywing ESC cutting out?

Your Hobbywing ESC may be cutting out for a few reasons: It could be that the ESC is just not working properly. Failing that, it could be a battery connection issue, the thermal sensor may have kicked in, you may be using a NiMh battery without disabling the LiPo cut off switch, or it could just be poorly calibrated.

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As you can see there are several reasons why your ESC could be cutting out. And, it comes down to doing some troubleshooting to see what it could be or just take the plunge and replace the ESC (Click here to see the price on Amazon) to see what happens.

So, now you know why, how can you stop it cutting out? What is Hobbywing anyway? How can you reset the ESC, if needed? Keep reading for these answers and so much more.


How can you stop your Hobbywing ESC cutting out?

To stop your Hobbywing ESC cutting out you need to consider the root cause first. Below I will explain the cause of action for each possible scenario:

01. The ESC is not working

If you have established that the ESC is not working, go ahead and replace it (Click here to see the price, on Amazon). However, if you are still not sure, you may need to test it first, before you switch it out.

02. Using a NiMh Battery

If you are using an NIMH battery and you have discovered that the LiPo cutoff switch is enabled. Then you can simply disable it. For this battery, it is not required. After switching it off, check if this makes any difference.

03. Battery connector issue

You may notice that there is a battery connection issue once you have had a look inside the vehicle. If this is the case you need to re-connect it. If it’s faulty you may need to go ahead and replace it.

04. Poorly calibrated ESC

You may notice that the ESC itself is poorly calibrated. This can result in incorrect voltage settings being set up. If this is the case you may need to change the settings to help to recalibrate it. You may also need a LiPo voltage test alarm (Click here to see an example, and price, on Amazon) to see exactly what’s going on.

What is a Hobbywing esc?

A Hobbywing ESC is an Electronic Speed Controller provided by Hobbywing Technology. Hobbywing is a trademark of Hobbywing Technology. They are manufacturers of brushless ESCs and motor systems.  And, you may have noticed that they’re quite popular in the RC car community.

So, now you know what a Hobbywing ESC is and its popularity in the marketplace. You can get hold of these parts from several retailers.

How do I reset my Hobbywing ESC?

To reset your Hobbywing ESC you need to hold the set button down for three seconds. But before you do this you need to make sure that the throttle trigger is held in the neutral position first. If not it will not do the factory reset correctly.

However, one point that you should consider, this cannot be done during the calibration or programming process of the device. So, now you know how to reset your ESC in case you have any issues that warrant a factory reset.

Are Hobbywing ESCs any good?

Hobbywing ESCs are quite popular for a reason. In general, they are easy to program and calibrate, which makes life a lot easier, especially when compared to other offerings. Another benefit is. they have a very similar programming procedure for most of their models.

Regarding their programming procedure and simplicity, the latter is useful if you are a heavy user, and will inevitably try many different ESCs during your racing career. Or, you may have multiple cars in the future and need to swap them around, once you know. And, it will be beneficial to know these Hobbywing ESC programming procedures.

What is a sensorless ESC?

A Sensorless ESC is a type of electronic speed controller. You can have a sensored or a sensorless version, or commonly referred to as non-sensored. A sensored ESC uses a wire to track the position of the motor. Whereas an un-sensored version uses a different method.

So now you know what a sensorless ESC is and how it compares to a sensored version. It’s worth noting that you need to check your motor for compatibility before you go ahead and replace the ESC, but more on this later.

Will any ESC work with any motor?

Most ESCs will work with any motor. But, not all of them do. For example, a sensored motor will not work with an un-sensored ESC. Therefore, to be safe, it’s worth checking with the vendor to confirm. Or, check the documentation that came with your vehicle.

Unfortunately, people that are new to RC cars sometimes make the mistake of purchasing an ESC blindly and then discovering that is not fit for the purpose. So, hopefully, now you can avoid this by doing a bit of background research before committing to the purchase.

How does an ESC control speed?

An ESC can control speed by creating a magnetic field that rotates, using the related MOSFETs (a transistor inside the motor). And, the frequency of this movement regulates the speed of the motor.

So, as you can see the ESC has a critical job of controlling and maintaining the speed of your vehicle. Hence the reason why the ESC is mentioned frequently while you research RC cars and motors.

How do I choose an ESC?

The most important factor when you are choosing an ESC is the rating. This rating is measured in amps. The amp rating must be compatible with the motor that you are using. For example, if the motor draws more amps than your ESC can handle it can be dangerous because it could damage the ESC resulting in an electrical fire.

This is why it’s important to make sure that you get the correct ESC rating for your motor to make sure that you can drive the vehicle safely and avoid this happening, are you with me?

What does an ESC do?

An ESC regulates and controls the speed of your motor. It is used in RC cars but is also used in full-sized cars as well.

So, now you know the job of the ESC and how important it is when you are racing these cars.

Is it safe to drive with the ESC OFF?

For a full-sized car, it is possible to drive with the ESC off. However, it is not recommended to drive with this off and if there is an issue with it you would need to seek immediate attention from an engineer or mechanic. On the other hand, for RC cars, the relationship with the ESC is very different.