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How Do You Clean a Nitro RC Carburetor? (Guide/Tips)

If you want to maintain your RC car correctly cleaning the carburetor is an important procedure, but how do you do it, and what can you use for it (Click here to see my best cleaner, on Amazon)?

Why do you need to clean your carburetor?

You need to clean your carburetor because it can get dirty and get gummed up. This can result in your engine malfunctioning, not rotating properly, or not drawing fuel correctly.

What you will need to clean your carb


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02. WD40 Oil
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Many beginner RC car drivers avoid cleaning the carburetor and only discover this as a problem once the engine starts causing issues or affects their races. For this reason, it’s important to keep on top of it earlier rather than later.

But, exactly how do you clean it? How do you adjust the carb? What is “Leaning Out”? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.


How do you clean a nitro RC carburetor

To clean a Nitro RC carburetor you need to clean the carb directly and the outside of the engine case. To do this you will need a good Nitro cleaner (Click here to see my best one, on Amazon) and some compressed air (Click here to see the price on Amazon) to dry off the engine casing when complete.

01. Cleaning the carb and outside of the engine case

Firstly use the nitro cleaner to clean the carb (Click here to see an example, on Amazon) and the outside of the engine case. Once completed dry the outer engine case with compressed air. Use a small brush to help you and do so you some safety gloves (Click here to see an example, on Amazon) and goggles (Click here for reviews, on Amazon) why you were doing this.

02. Lubricate the Carb.

Next, you need to remove the glow plug and air filter. Spray some lubrication, such as WD-40 (Click here to see the price, on Amazon), into the carb and glow plug hole.

03. Check all the parts.

While you are there, with the carburetor exposed, it is a good opportunity to check out the other parts in your engine. Such as the chassis, wiring, friction pegs, etc. This is to look for any other maintenance issues.

When complete put the carburetor and engine back together and then test your vehicle.

What does the carburetor do in RC cars?

The carburetor regulates the engine speed. It does this by controlling the amount of air and fuel that is passed through the engine. For example, for low-speed, you would have a lower amount of fuel and air mixture.

The carburetor is a pivotal part of the RC car and is one of the reasons why you hear it mentioned in many places while you are researching RC cars. So, now you know what the carburetor does for your RC car vehicle.

How do you adjust an RC carburetor?

To address an RC carburetor you will use the pinch test. This pinch test is an effective way you adjust the RC carburetor. To do this you set the high-speed needle and then pinch the fuel line.

So now you know how to adjust an RC car carburetor.

What is “leaning out” for a nitro RC car?

Leaning out a Nitro RC car refers to the mixture of fuel and air in the carburetor. “Lean” means more air in the air and fuel mix. Whereas, “Rich” means more fuel in the air and fuel mix. So, leaning out is a term used to provide more air in the air and fuel mix.

If you are researching RC cars you may have heard people talk about this terminology “leaning out”. Often, many beginners have wondered exactly what this means. So, now you know what “leaning out” is once and for all.

How do you lean out a nitro engine?

To lean out a nitro engine you need to adjust the needles. This will be done by adding more air using the needle adjustments. Or, on the opposite side, to richen it, you will be adding more fuel. Most nitro engines require the adjusting of the supplied needles by rotating them clockwise or anticlockwise.

If you are keen on leaning or richening your fuel mix you may have been interested in working out how to do this with your RC car engine. So, now you know how you can lean out your nitro engine.

What temperature should a nitro engine run at?

A nitro engine should run between 105 to 125 °C. This temperature is usually measured just on top of the glow plug. The temperature mustn’t be too high to avoid damage to the engine.

If you are concerned about your engine, or you just want to understand the best way to maintain it, you may be interested to know what the temperature should be. So, now you know what temperature you should expect it to run at.

Do Nitro RC cars need oil?

Nitro RC cars do need oil. They typically require castor oil. This will assist with cooling the engine, and avoid overheating. Nitro RC cars are different from electrical cars, in this manner.

If you are looking for parts or accessories that you need for your RC car, you may have been wondering if car oil is a necessity. So, now you know RC cars do need oil and why it is necessary.

Do Nitro RC cars need batteries?

Nitro RC cars do need batteries. But, not to operate the motor. The motor in these cars is operated by the Nitro fuel. However, the batteries will be used to operate the handheld remote and receiver in the car. The battery power will operate the receiver and servo in the vehicle itself.

If you have a Nitro RC car or planning on getting one, you may have been wondering if it’s necessary to have batteries. So now you know that battery power is required. But, it is not the same concept as electric cars that use LiPo and NiMh batteries for powering the engine.

Why is after-burn oil needed for RC cars?

After-burn oil is needed for RC cars to lubricate the Pistons and internal parts. This is typically used during the after-run process, which is a necessary procedure to maintain the car after a race or bashing.

This will help to maintain the car and increase its lifespan. If you have heard of this after-burn oil before, you may be wondering if this is something that’s required when evaluating the accessories for your RC car. So, now you know what this oil is, and why it is needed.

What are the risks of high temperatures for your Nitro RC engine?

If you run your Nitro RC car at high temperatures there is a high risk that it would damage your engine and make your vehicle unusable. This will cause extra expense or result in you having to replace the engine.

It is worth noting that if the temperature of your vehicle exceeds 250 °F it can cause extreme problems with your engine. The fuel and air mix mentioned earlier, helps to control the running temperature of your vehicle, hence the reason why it’s important to get this mix correct.

Why do the bearings run out faster in Nitro cars?

The bearings run out faster on nitro cars because they are affected by the extra engine heat, vibrations, and exhaust pipe emissions. Nitro cars are more aggressive in these departments and achieve high speeds, which adds extra wear to the engine bearings.

If you are concerned with the maintenance of your Nitro car or researching them before getting one, you may be concerned about how the bearings degrade, compared to an electric car. So, now you know why the bearings run out faster on Nitro cars and the consequence of their performance.