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How to Increase the Range of Your Remote Control Car?

Most cars drive up to 100 feet before the reception starts to drop off. Then you have to walk the 100 feet to pick up your car, or hopefully, the controller will let you turn the car around and come back.

How can you increase the range of your remote control car? There are three easy ways of extending the range. First, you need to replace the receiver located inside the car. Next,  you need to replace the handheld controller or transmitter. You can also try changing the stock antenna to a longer antenna.

As discussed, at a distance of more than 100 feet, the receiver located in the remote-controlled car begins to lose the signal from the transmitter or the handheld controller.

Once you increase the range of your transmitter and your receiver capacity and change out your antenna, you will be able to increase the distance your remote control car will run.

Read this guide, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to increase the capacity of your transmitter and or receiver. Another tip you might try is to stand on a hill or higher ground.

Being on higher ground will allow the receiver and the transmitter to communicate better. Sometimes when you get other signals out of the way, the remote control car can go farther. Try this out before dismantling your vehicle.

Work on the Receiver

You will need to remove the receiver on your remote controlled car. Make sure you have the proper tools before you start. You will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves
  • New Signal Receiver
  • Double-sided foam tape

Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws that attach the standard receiver to the radio-controlled car. Clear connecting wires from the receiver to the car’s battery or motor.

Place a high power aftermarket receiver in the remote controlled car. A higher power receiver will give the car the power to travel farther. Install a new higher-powered receiver into the car.

If the receiver does not fit the holes already drilled in the car’s body, try setting it to the car with double sided tape made from foam, or you can use a gun with hot glue to fix the new receiver into place. Reinstall the wires, connect the battery, the motor wires, and the new receiver.

Changing out the Handheld Transmitter

You will need these tools:

  • Transmitter

You will need to buy new controller with the same power stats as the receiver. The regularity crystals need to correspond between the receiver and the transmitter so they will communicate properly.

It’s a good idea to purchase both pieces of equipment, the receiver and the transmitter, at the same hobby store or online catalog and from a safe manufacturer.

Changing the Antenna

You will need these items:

  • Antenna
  • Antenna tube

It is a good idea to replace the antenna that came with the car on the transmitter with a longer antenna. You can purchase antennas at the same hobby retailer. Screw the regular antenna anticlockwise and unscrew it from the controller. Attach the new antenna and twist it clockwise until it is secure and in place.

You can also run your stock antenna through the antenna tube. Lock the tube in the pre-drilled holes in the car’s body. An antenna tube holds the antenna standing upright on the car.

Putting the antenna in a tube may give you more distance because the antennal is taller and can pick up signals better. A taller antenna will give your remote controlled car more range.

Turn on your transmitter, then turn on the car. Drive you remote controlled around a bit to ensure that all the parts are working correctly.

Check out your car

When you get ready to run your vehicle, inspect your car to for all the right parts. Get the correct tires. Your tires should match the terrain.

Check out the wiring to see that everything is attached correctly. If your battery is not connected, you will have little or no power.

Shocks are essential when you are driving your remote controlled car over rough terrain. Hobbyists say that newer RC cars have adjustable collars on their shocks. Make sure these collars match the ground you are driving over.

Related Questions

After changing the antenna, putting in a new receiver and controller, my remote control car still only travels about 120 feet. What did I do wrong? Double check all your connections. Did you replace the antenna and tighten it down tightly? When you used double-sided tape for the receiver, check to make sure you taped it in the right place and did not cover up any receiving components.

Anything else you can tell me? Check the handheld controller. You need to make sure it can communicate with the receiver. When you purchase the handheld controller and the receiver you need to make sure they are compatible. If these two pieces cannot communicate properly, your car will not run at top efficiency.

Double check the frequencies and exchange both your receiver and the handheld transmitter to devices that “talk to” each other.

How do I take care of my remote controlled car, so it works correctly? Ensure your motor and slipper gear is aligned. If there is mesh on your RC motor, and it is too tight, it will cause stress to the motor and the electronic speed control (ESC).

You need to ensure that the mesh is just right. A loose mesh will create a power loss. Put a piece of paper between the two gears and check the tightness. Remove the paper before running the car.

Before you run your car, check the screws and make sure none are missing.

Configure your shocks to match the terrain where you are running your car. If your shocks are not configured properly, your vehicle may crash and damage your RC car.

Give your car frequent breaks. It’s fun to run your remote controlled car all day, but it can become overheated and stop working.

I want to take my car over jumps. What is the proper way to jump my car? First, adjust your speed. Next approach jumps straight with the tires facing the same way.

Don’t accelerate your car while it is in the air unless you know what you are doing. Inspect your car after every jump. Inspecting our car after every jump may seem a little much, but jumps can cause things inside our car to become loose.

How do I store my remote controlled car?

Step 1: Discharge your batteries

When you are finished driving your car for the season, it is a good idea to discharge your batteries. Discharging your batteries will preserve their lifetime and performance. When you get your car out to drive it again, check to see that the batter is fully discharged; the go ahead and charge it.

As a note, if you use a LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery, they can fail if they drop below 3.3V per cell. To prevent losing your LiPO batteries, check to see that your remote control car has a voltage cutoff if the power gets too low.

Step 2: Take off your tires

Take off your tires. If your tires are made out of rubber, they can rot. Place your car on a Styrofoam block for storage.

Step 3: Store your remote controlled car in a large plastic bag and place it inside a storage box. Another suggestion is to use tissue paper to plug openings that might allow dust to gather.

I have stored my remote controlled car properly, but it doesn’t seem to have any power. What should I do? Electric, nitro, gas, or even hand-held controlled to receiver cars can all break down during storage. If you do not have your remote control car running in peak condition after storage, try these tips:

  1. Make sure all switches are turned on. Sounds easy, but you might forget to have the controller or the receiver in the “on” position.
  2. Do you have a couple of remote control cars? Check your controller to ensure it goes to the right car.
  3. Charge the batteries. Remember that before storing your RC you were to discharge the batteries? They will need to be recharged or new batteries put in the controller and the car. Check to see that you have placed the batteries correctly. The proper charge on the battery needs to face in the right direction. Clean the battery points of contact and check for leaking batteries.
  4. Check all the screws and make sure they are tightened. Replace missing screws and check to see that everything is tight and secure.
  5. Check for wiring. If you have a loose wire, you can reattach them. However, if they are disconnected your wires may require soldering to reattach. It shouldn’t take too long for you to fix these wiring problems.
  6. If your gears grind or the car won’t move, you might have issues with the gears themselves. You can retighten the pinion gear and make sure it is in proper aligned. If you are not aware of how to do that, check YouTube or take your car into the hobby shop.

Are there remote controlled car clubs I can join?

Running your remote control car in your backyard or lock park is excellent but look and see if you can find a remote control track near you. Enter competitions. Some racetracks require membership in national organizations to use these tracks, but other tracks are just for remote control car enthusiasts of any level.

  • Local Hobby Shop. Start with your local remote control car hobby shop. They usually have an RC track on the premises you can use, or they can give you a directory to local RC tracks or clubs. Hobby shop owners also have information about the requirements of each club and track. You can also meet other racers in your local hobby shop. These racers will probably know where you can go for competition or just running your car.
  • There is an online site called Radio Control Car Action. This online site is an excellent site for information. Radio Control Car Action site includes a comprehensive directory of the best places to race your remote controlled car. This site will also give you advice on purchasing your first RC car, how to build your competition or fun car, and where to buy them. There are also dozens of how-to videos online.
  • Quarter Scale Auto Club or QSA is the national organization that sets the regulations and rules for quarter scale remote control car oval track racing in the U.S. The club houses a yearly championship race that takes place in the fall. Membership in this club gives you access to a forum with information on how and where to prepare for individual races. The QSAC has about 400 members and is full of information, camaraderie, and advice for RC cars.
  • RC Universe is a website that offers information on everything the RC racers need to know. Look through RC Universe’s database by county and type or use a keyword to find where you can race your RC car. At the RC Universe competition, you can sell and buy cars and remote control trucks here, join the forums, read reviews on makes and models, and take classes in remote controlled operation and racing. You can also watch YouTube videos that have over 2,000 videos that tell you just about everything about RC racing.
  • Product 145 is a product review site for those who need a list of RC tracks across the Nation. RC owners can check out reviews of the latest models as well as read articles about basic maintenance and repair.

Five of the Best Remote Control Cars to Buy in 2019

Expert remote control car enthusiasts have made a list of several of the best RC cars to buy. Research these cars on your own, check out your local hobby shop or order online.

  1. Top Race RC Monster Truck. This monster truck has the power to climb up rocks and has 4WD, structure that resists collisions and antiskid tires. Reviews are good, which is a great endorsement.
  2. Exceed RC Electric DriftStar. Check out this car. It is priced at a good level. The Exceed is a remote-controlled car that has a stable arm suspension and aluminum-capped shocks filled with oil. There is precise steering in this car, and the high precision SPO3018 electronic speed control keeps the engine in check.
  3. Distianert RC Truck.This RC truck is one of the best off-roading remote control vehicles than most primary remote-controlled cars. The Distianert RC truck has ultra-wide tires that can travel up rugged terrains. The body is can be inundated in water up to 50m. Distianert’s frame takes a considerable quantity of burden, and the autonomous system of shocks allows the wheels to move and tilt to suit any level you drive the car.
  4. The best off-road RC car is the KingPower 2WD. You can also find this online and is a high-powered car that car was run as fast as 15 mph and up to 45-degree slopes. The KingPower has a 3.7V battery and fully charges in 45 minutes. A quick charging battery gives you about 15 minutes of high-speed operation.
  5. If you want to splurge, try the Exceed RC MadDrift Exceed RC is a unique car that offers aerodynamics and an oil filled shock system. The oil-filled shock system gives the RC a super-smooth ride. Try it out on a competition track! The Exceed MadDrift is focused on raw speed in straightaways. It does not have off-road features, but its brushless motor is powerful and offers more power and speed. If you want to experience racing, this might be an excellent car for you to take on competition speedway tracks.

To find a remote control car that has the distance and speed you want, research the battery life, check out the price, and make sure you can change out receivers, antennas, and controllers. If these components do not match each other, there is not much you can do to increase the speed and range of your remote control car.

Keep your remote control car in proper condition, store it properly, and do your research before purchasing a remote control car. Remote control cars can provide you with years of fun and entertainment if you take care of it properly.