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Why Is My Traxxas VXL 3s Blinking Red?

If you want to know why your VXL is blinking red keep reading. Also, learn what the best KV is for your 3S motor and what VXL stands for.

Why Is My Traxxas VXL 3s Blinking Red?

Here are the causes of the Blinking Red Light:

Low Voltage Detection (LVD):

The most common reason for the blinking red light on the Traxxas VXL 3s is the activation of the Low Voltage Detection feature. This is a protective feature designed to prevent damage to the lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries by not allowing them to discharge below a certain voltage.

When the ESC detects that the battery voltage has dropped below the safe threshold, it will cause the red light to blink, indicating that the LVD has been triggered.


Overheating of the ESC can also cause the red light to blink. The VXL 3s has a built-in thermal protection circuit that will activate if the ESC becomes too hot. This is usually due to excessive load on the motor, improper gearing, or inadequate ventilation.

Motor Lock-up:

If the motor is physically blocked or jammed, the ESC will detect this and cause the red light to blink. This is a safety feature to prevent damage to the motor and ESC.

Radio Interference or Signal Loss:

Interference with the radio signal or loss of signal from the transmitter can cause the ESC to enter failsafe mode, indicated by a blinking red light.

Solutions To Use If Your VXL is Blinking Red

Check Battery Voltage: Use a LiPo battery checker to ensure that your battery voltage is within the safe operating range. If the battery is below the recommended voltage, charge it fully before using it again.

  • Proper Gearing: Ensure that your vehicle is properly geared for the terrain and type of driving you are doing. Consult your vehicle’s manual or the Traxxas website for recommended gearing setups.
  • Adequate Ventilation: Make sure that the ESC is adequately ventilated and not enclosed in a tight space. This will help to dissipate heat and prevent overheating.
  • Check Motor: Ensure that the motor is free of debris and is not physically jammed or blocked.
  • Check Radio System: Ensure that the transmitter and receiver are properly bound and that there is no interference or signal loss.

What does Traxxas VXL stand for?

VXL does not stand for anything specific as it is a brand name created by Traxxas. It refers to a specific line of brushless motor systems developed by the company. The ‘VXL’ system includes a brushless motor, electronic speed control (ESC), and sometimes a transmitter and receiver.

Traxxas designed the VXL system to provide high-speed performance, precision control, and long-lasting durability.

Components of the Traxxas VXL System


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  • Brushless Motor: The motor in the VXL system is brushless, meaning it does not have brushes and a commutator, which are commonly found in traditional brushed motors. Brushless motors offer several advantages, such as increased efficiency, higher torque, and longer lifespan.
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC): The ESC in the VXL system is designed to handle the high currents associated with brushless motors. It is responsible for regulating the power delivered to the motor, controlling the direction and speed of the motor, and providing a smooth and precise throttle response.
  • Transmitter and Receiver (Optional): Some Traxxas VXL systems come with a transmitter and receiver, which are necessary for controlling the vehicle. These components are designed to work seamlessly with the VXL system and provide responsive and accurate control.

Performance Features of the Traxxas VXL System

  • High-Speed Performance: The Traxxas VXL system is designed to deliver high-speed performance. Vehicles equipped with the VXL system can reach speeds of over 60 mph (96.5 km/h) with the right gearing and battery.
  • Precision Control: The VXL system provides smooth and precise throttle control, making it easier to manage the vehicle at high speeds.
  • Longer Lifespan: The brushless motor in the VXL system has a longer lifespan compared to traditional brushed motors. This means less maintenance and longer intervals between replacements.
  • Efficient Power Consumption: Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors. This means the VXL system delivers more power to the wheels while consuming less energy, leading to longer run times.

What is the Amp Rating of the Traxxas VXL-3s?

The Traxxas VXL-3s is rated for a peak current of 320 amps and a continuous current of 200 amps. This means it can handle a continuous current flow of 200 amps and can manage short bursts of up to 320 amps.

The amp rating of an electronic speed controller like the Traxxas VXL-3s refers to the maximum amount of current it can handle continuously.

This is essential to know because exceeding these limits can result in damage to the ESC and subsequently the vehicle.

Why is the Amp Rating Important?

The amp rating is a critical parameter to consider when setting up your RC vehicle. If the motor demands more current than the ESC can handle, it will lead to overheating and possible failure of the ESC. Therefore, it is essential to match the motor and ESC correctly.

The Traxxas VXL-3s, with its high amp rating, is designed to handle the high-powered brushless motors commonly used in Traxxas vehicles.

It is important to note that while the Traxxas VXL-3s can handle high currents, it also comes with built-in thermal protection to shut down the ESC if it gets too hot. This is a safety feature that helps protect the ESC and the vehicle.

Other Features of the Traxxas VXL-3s

Apart from its high amp rating, the Traxxas VXL-3s comes with other impressive features. It has three programmable drive profiles: Sport Mode, Race Mode, and Training Mode.

These modes allow the user to tailor the performance of the vehicle to their liking or skill level. Additionally, it also comes with a patented Training Mode that limits the power output to 50% making it easier for new drivers to control the vehicle.