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Why Won’t My Traxxas VXL 6s Turn Off?

If your Traxxas VXL 6s will not turn off keep reading to learn why and what you can do about it. Also, learn how to program it and what size motor it is.

Why Won’t My Traxxas VXL 6s Turn Off?

Here are the possible Issues:

1. Faulty Power Switch

The most common reason your Traxxas VXL 6s may not turn off is a faulty power switch. Over time, dust, dirt, and rough handling can damage the switch, resulting in it not working correctly.

Solution: Try cleaning the switch with a dry brush or compressed air to dislodge any dust or dirt. If the problem persists, consider replacing the switch.

2. ESC (Electronic Speed Control) Issues

Another potential reason is an issue with the Electronic Speed Control (ESC). The ESC controls the motor’s speed, direction, and braking, but if it’s malfunctioning, it might cause the Traxxas to stay on.

Solution: Reset the ESC to its factory settings, following the manual’s instructions. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you might need to replace the ESC.

Remember, due to the complexity and delicacy of this component, any repairs or replacements should be carried out by a professional or under their guidance.

3. Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is another common issue. Wires can get frayed or broken due to rough handling or natural wear and tear, disrupting the power flow and causing the Traxxas to stay on.

Solution: Inspect the wiring visually for any obvious signs of damage. If any faulty wires are found, they should be replaced immediately. Unless you’re confident in your electrical repair skills, it’s advised to consult a professional for this task.

4. Battery Issues

A less common but possible issue could be with the battery itself. Batteries can malfunction due to improper charging, overuse, or even age.

Solution: Try using a different battery in the Traxxas. If it then turns off correctly, the problem likely lies with the original battery, which you should replace.

Preventing Future Issues

While these solutions may help resolve the current problem, prevention is always better than a cure. Here are some tips to prevent such issues in the future:

  • Regular maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the Traxxas VXL 6s can prevent dust accumulation and prolong the life of the components, reducing the chances of similar issues.
  • Proper handling: Being gentle with the power switch and other components can prevent unnecessary damage.
  • Quality replacements: When replacing components, always choose quality parts from reliable suppliers to ensure durability and compatibility with your device.
  • Correct battery charging and storage: Following the manufacturer’s instructions for battery charging and storage can prolong the battery life and maintain its performance.

How to Program a Traxxas VXL-6s ESC

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Here are the Steps to Program the Traxxas VXL-6s ESC:

Ensure Safety:

Before starting the programming process, ensure that the model is off the ground where the wheels can spin freely without causing any damage. Also, ensure the motor is connected to the ESC and the ESC is connected to the receiver.

Power Up:

Turn on the transmitter (the remote control) first, then turn on the Traxxas model. The ESC will light up, indicating it is powered and ready.

Enter Programming Mode:

Press and hold the “EZ-Set” button on the ESC until it turns red and then release it. This indicates that you’ve entered programming mode.

Select Programming Profile:

There are three programming profiles – Sport Mode, Race Mode, and Training Mode. To select one, press and release the “EZ-Set” button a specific number of times.

One press for Sport Mode, two for Race Mode, and three for Training Mode. The ESC will blink to confirm the selection (one blink for Sport, two for Race, and so on).

Programming Parameters: Each programming profile allows for different parameters to be set.

  • Sport Mode offers 100% forward, 100% brakes, and 100% reverse.
  • Race Mode offers 100% forward, 100% brakes, and no reverse.
  • Training Mode reduces power output to 50% for both forward and reverse, with 100% brake power.

To program each parameter, press and hold the “EZ-Set” button until you see the LED blink the number of times corresponding to the desired value. Once you release the button, the LED will flash green to confirm that the setting has been saved.

Exiting Programming Mode:

To exit the programming mode, simply press the EZ-Set button once. The LED on the ESC will turn green, indicating the exit from the programming mode and readiness for operation.

What Size Motor is the VXL-6s?

The VXL-6s is not a motor itself, but it is an integral component that controls the power supplied to the motor. However, it is typically paired with a motor, and the common pairing is with the Velineon 2200KV Brushless Motor.

The Velineon 2200KV Brushless Motor is an integral part of the VXL-6s Power System and provides the raw power required for high-speed RC thrills. In terms of size, the motor has a diameter of about 42mm (1.65 inches) and a length of about 74mm (2.91 inches), excluding the shaft.

This makes it a 540XL size motor, making it an ideal motor for high-performance RC models designed for speed and power. The 2200KV rating of the motor refers to its RPM (rotations per minute) per volt without any load – this is a measure of the motor’s speed capability.

Performance Specifications

The Velineon 2200KV is a sensorless, brushless motor designed to provide extreme power, high-speed performance, and unmatched efficiency.

Its high RPM is matched by a mighty torque output, ensuring your RC vehicle has the power it needs, whether for high-speed runs or tough off-road conditions. With the VXL-6s ESC, this motor can handle up to 6S LiPo batteries for high-speed action.

Design Features

The motor is designed for rugged, all-weather operation, with a high-strength Neodymium magnet, a precision-balanced rotor, and high-speed ball bearings ensuring smooth operation and long life.

The motor also features a quiet, efficient, and maintenance-free operation thanks to its brushless design.


The Velineon 2200KV motor and the VXL-6s ESC are commonly found in several Traxxas models such as the E-Revo VXL and X-Maxx. However, with the right installation, it can also be utilized in other RC cars that can accommodate a 540XL sized motor and handle the power delivered by a 6s LiPo battery.